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Okay I think this will be straight Anyone else have this "stitch error" on theirs?
Can you guys see my images on your end?
Sorry about the dirty mirror pics, a personal pet peeve, I even windex'd right before too. Does your pair have this stitching "error" on the right back pocket rivet? I'm wondering if this was intentional... at $300+, I'm assuming it was. Alright, why aren't my images showing up?
They definitely stretch...I couldn't give an exact measurement...I mean I'm guessing they stretch pretty much back to their original size in the waist at least, maybe a bit more in the thigh at this point, nearly 3 months later. I bought these predominantly because of the fit, I tried on no less than 8 pairs of jeans that night at BiG...some very nice denim's but I was not finding the fit and feel combined with details I was looking for. I know the guy Gordon(?) there...
These are my current jeans, the 1108's (without arc's, from BiG). Been wearing since 10/17/10...I really like the fit and denim. My one concern is that they use something like 17 different threads in the construction, some of the threads meant to break down before others...I wasn't aware of this when I bought them or it may have affected my purchase, as I'm more interested in the idea of a sturdy pair as opposed to a pair that is "designed" to break. I've only worn for...
Quote: Originally Posted by altemp Do you know if something is happening with him recently? 10 days without an answer when we were 1 email away from finalizing my order is a little disheartening. He's a busy guy...this seems to happen somewhat often, but he's doing custom handcrafted work at a fraction of the common price. He's a REALLY good guy, I highly doubt he's dicking you around...send some follow up email but dont badger him...he's busy...
those momoXBiG's are awesome... prob my next pair.
Thanks Kit. I live close enough to the city that I have zero reason to not go check some stuff out in person...did want to get some ideas to start batting around a little so I dont show up like "I WANT JEENS" and end up getting pressured into something I'm not so sure about.
Quote: Originally Posted by KitAkira There's no real way to generalize a mill and compare it to another, they both make a range of weights and colors. If anything, I'd say one of the main differences is that Kaihara tends to be more experimental in their denim but it could just be their customers are more open to ordering that kind of fabric. I wouldn't specifically look for a mill's denim, just look at the denim itself and compare it to other...
Thanks for your responses. What are some denims that one might find more interesting coming off the "flat blueberry" of 3sixteen's Kaihara? Remember, I'm just trying to dig a little deeper here and step up into the next tier. One of my concerns is the cut also. At the end of the day I'll take a premium fitting jean over some special rainbow woven joint that fits like a hospital scrub, y'know?
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