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anyone have any good resources for buckle variety?
Just to chime in personal experience, I was definitely told at BiG that the collab 0705 model was sanforized.
Poast Moar... I'll do my 6 month when we hit it next month. and then it MIGHT be time...for a 3rd pain in the rotation.
So about 6-7 months back the BSP's were released into the wild.... How about some evo pictures on those jimmies by now? Can't wait to post my SL100's after thier year mark next month...oh how I have fallen in love with them.
damn, never even thought about this, but I pretty much never use front pockets on my denim...way too snug for comfort
1108 is unsanforized, so shrinkage is pretty substantial. They stretch back in waist...when I got mine they warned of 2-2.5" shrink lenthwise though.
curious as to why APC's are a bad buy...? Not disagreeing...I wouldn't buy them, just curious what were some reasons... the stretch/fit thing or something else? as far as this (1108) being a '66 accurate is that? Are these essentially a 1966 501 repro?
Quote: Originally Posted by whatever123 cool. also, i dont think thats a stitching error on fc's. it looks like its at an angle but i doubt its an error. they use that tack for reinforcement on the rear pocket (among other areas). also, who told you these are designed to fall apart? its not true and they will last you many year i actually think the multi-color stitching around the pockets areas is a nice detail. as they fade the thread will...
Thanks commodore, I think I've got it sorted out. That's right whatever, just around 3 months.
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