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unfortunately these just don't fit me quite how i wanted. obviously this is a premium jean with no noticeable wear and someone is going to get pretty lucky here. a few things though...i dated the pocket bag when i got them, and i cleanly removed the leather patch (it is fresh and will be included with the sale). these jeans have been soaked briefly, worn for about a week, and soaked again to get them as small as i think they will ever be. almost zero indigo loss, these...
So, ultimately...after soak/wash/shrink whatever....0701 will be substantially tighter than 0705BIG (which wont change much at all) assumption?
Does anyone have evo pics of the 0705BIG? I haven't been around these parts in a long time but it's a shame to see whatever123 has been banned, always seemed like a strong contributor to the forum and he and I had several pieces in common. If anyone knows how I can get in touch with him or any other details, I would appreciate a PM. Thinking about pulling trigger on either 0705BIG or 0701....comes down to details..
Legit post, great documentation...I don't see much difference but I have always wondered about ocean washing in the NY area.& GO RANGERS.
Thanks Whatever...and I have to agree on IIIrd's...those are as good of a pair as any I've seen. Images like that are what draw people into this game.
With all the new developments in the denim line, I hesitate to even give this update! SL-100 in rotation for ~13 months, 6 months effective wear, no wash.
~7 months/one initial warm soak my pics don't really capture the greatness of this denim, but these jeans make me really happy. Every time I go to put them on again, I still get excited like "fuck yeah."
a flame retardant suit for starters
does anyone know if the BiG collab is something that will continue for more runs or is this more likely a one and done piece?
updates coming soon.
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