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i have.... i had something that looked like pocket lint all over some havanas i purchased... i sent those back hella fast.
belt throws things out of proportion for me
the plague originated from the water no?I'm going to spoil the entire plague arc for everyone: People were feeding the Z's food along the fence, which was the same food they fed to Pilot (the pig). Harry Potter Jr (I don't remember his name...) was chilling with pilot and somehow contracted the disease there and now we have this whole snafu.ok next place please
proposed looks like a font for a chinese restaurant.
i believe there are talks of selling the business itself. problem is... you can create a new brand for yourself that's more "consumer" friendly so you have a business line and consumer lineIf I were blackberry, I would've kept their core, which I believe was their encrypted e-mail & e-mail enterprise solutions, and tried to hold hands with Google when android became...
I'm of a similar build... what would you suggest for more "hourglass" shaped bodies?
it's ok if your hairline starts receding... mine's receded a tad bit since graduating college but due to precautionary measures (not rogaine or propecia yet), it's kept the recession to a minimum. I haven't developed the horseshoe yetyou have options now anyway to mitigate it. it takes a bit more work but meh.
Has anyone gotten their F/W orders in yet?
i'm going to have to cross reference this in the "things that make you happy" thread...
Pretty much everyone here has this afflictionmy wallet cries every month from my shoes/blazer obsession.
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