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SAMPLE piece from Robert Geller FW09 collection. Fencing Jacket, sample size 48, with detachable fur collar. Retail around $1000. Beautifully detailed jacket with a ton 3 dimensional features. Absolutely great condition. Asking 300.00 Measurements, S2S:17.5 inches P2P: 19 inches Length: 27 inches Waist: 19 inches
Geller Vovk Uniqlo Margiela
If you find yourself a shrink ray were in business! Make sure it goes to XS.
Laundry day UU Cloak Margiela
Cloak Uniqlo Uniqlo Margiela
^ Agreed one of my favorite JVVE mixed fits.
Thanks! And completely agree, not sure what came over me this time around!
Finally the robot ive always wanted to be Geller Gitman Uniqlo Margiela
Nothing happier than the first sign of cold weather Toj Vovk Uniqlo Margiela
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