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@kashmir super thick subtle herringbone cotton in navy. Verging on seatbelt fabric.
Cloak Fall 2005Spring 2005 Trench on YjP recently [[SPOILER]]
Im jumpsuit people now [[SPOILER]] SS10 BomberSS14 JumpsuitCP's
@wogbog they're 100% cotton so far as I know. SS10 Bomber SS14 Jumpsuit
@gdl203 Thanks didn't know that! Makes total sense to do it through a retailer. Basically I just want touch my way through a whole season.
Im a changed man. From here on out ill only spend money on jumpsuits and cool jackets. [[SPOILER]] Cloak SS07Geller SS14Zippies
@OccultaVexillum Considered the camo coat... I tend to get obsessed and wear the same item endlessly. Didn't want to be the colorful camo guy on my block, the olive coat Ill be able to wear into the ground. Held off on other preorders I wanted, I just had a suspicion the coats won't get picked up much at all and even more unlikely in a 44. I really like the system of going through the looks and picking what you'll want ahead of time. In the past too many great Geller...
Preordered the olive oiled coat *cue six~ month count down*
From those lazy evenings at home with tea and tunes - to those abysmally hung over mornings where, lying on a rug, you wish it only had the ability to kill you... this jan jan knit has been my safely blanket. Jan Jan and Hilde Frunt's knit for Collection 2 Satta Amassagana.
Cloak...Geller... Nonnative... its all pajamas at the end of a long day.
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