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Out of my Geller denim the sepias are by far the skinniest.
Cloak lightly waxed field jacket. I had this in Navy (Never new it came in green!). This thing is lovely, and in true Cloak fashion even after months of having it around you'll discover little details and thoughtful touches. Unfortunately pricey, but I have nothing bad to say about the piece itself. http://page7.auctions.yahoo.co.jp/jp/auction/g173850251
@flowcharts Just recently got the same jacket in the ochre(?) colorway and you arent lying. I want everything I own to be made out of that 90% cupro 10% cotton blend. Its the Hooded Field Jacket and the Cadet Jacket in that fabric, id imagine a pair of flight pants were done as well... would be curious if anyone knew more.
Love mine. Usually Gellers trousers are a miss for me as they are either too cropped or too wide in the waist. Happy surprise when these came and had a decent inseam and a slim waist. The wool is very heavy/chunky/rough so its both warm and a lint magnet, that said I dont own any better trousers for an icy day.
Have the buttonless henley. Love it. Really well made and warm. Some mornings I have to push myself not to just wear that with any random jacket over.
Has the Richard Coat ever been done in previous seasons? Can't get over how cool it is.
@el bert This is killer. Is that the white with sepia bomber? Or is it a solid creme/white? I believe my cadet bomber is the same pattern, has a special place in my heart.
Agreed. Was wondering if they managed to make the sleeves thick enough knit to do it justice.
@flowcharts Not certain, but id bet type D.
[[SPOILER]] GellerA Kind of GuiseGellerMargiela
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