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One of the more beautiful things Geller has made at a great price. Size 48. https://www.gra*
@robinsongreen68 Thanks! Majority of my wardrobe is Geller, whatever Cloak I can find, and whatever Margiela I can get to actually fit me right.
Xpost Menswear villian thread
More of a henchmen at heart, but dress for the job you want
Different day different pjs
We'll need to start a wall of shame for anyone who resells the immigrant T for more than 50. Grabbed mine from Drama Club today. The owner Jack knows his stuff, and their upcoming FW17 buy is great (I think he picked up some items that most others wont have). If you're in NY make the trip, the Paul knits and Casper shorts are worth seeing in person.
@Regis yeah I'm digging it. The tongue on these are pretty thick but basically all padding so its comfy for sure. I'm still a sucker for the side zips because they're just so easy and I never wear shorts anyways. Lacing stuff up always bugs me... it's the only thing holding me back on some more substantial boots to wear with my Cloak gear. Good to know on the margiela tags, explains why I can't decipher when my shawl tweed coat was made.
[[SPOILER]] If Regis makes a request... My take on a margiela lookbook (done with mostly Geller)
2003 Blazer [[SPOILER]] Fall 2004 Diamond Knit (Never produced) [[SPOILER]] Spring 2006 Weekender Bag in canvas [[SPOILER]] Misc Details [[SPOILER]]
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