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Luca turtle neck is the first Geller item ive seen that is made in China. Is this a new thing? I know Cloak used to do some of its knitwear in China.
Completely agreed on AW11 and SS14.Not certain what season, but ive worn this one to death: [[SPOILER]]
Got a chance to take pictures of the FW 08 double breasted jacket. Super thick 90% wool 10% nylon. With the collar up its perfect on a cold day. Love how many pockets it has. 5 on the outside, and a zipper pocket on the inside. Wish the inner zipper pockets were a more frequently used detail. [[SPOILER]]
@OccultaVexillum Havent seen the textured coat in person, but they're certainly different. The sweats/hoodie are 48% wool/47% cotton/5% nylon. The textured coat is 82% wool, 10% nylon, 8% alpaca. Yeah I saw the purple sweats, id describe them as very purple. Nothing subtle about the color.
[[SPOILER]] I know with my very old Geller stuff 2008-10(?) sometimes the garments would come with a large extra piece of fabric for patches. I wish this was still a regular thing. I tend to think patches, matching or otherwise, give the clothes a more personal feel.Went to NYC Barney's to check out the Geller rack. Everyones right about the Massimo it fits very large, surprised to see they carried a size 44 and even that was a bit too big for me.The wool-blend bouclé...
Love the red flight pants, what is the material on those?
Throw back, but man I just love the felted detailing on the FW 2008 pieces. Reminds me of that Cloak level detail intensity. I hadn't ever seen this jacket up close and even though im normally not into the levi type 3 style jacket, this thing has me swooning. [[SPOILER]] I have this FW08 jacket (Ill try and take a better pic as the runway shot hides a lot of it), and the felted epaulets Robert did are just perfect. Cant wait for colder days. [[SPOILER]]
[[SPOILER]] It is the shawl collar sweater on the bottom row. The wool is also basically 'hard', its got a crunch to it thats not terribly pleasant. The sleeves are like bell bottom pants. Hourglass waist suppression. Thought it would be fun in a 'Cozy' way, and no it is not. [[SPOILER]]
Came across a Margiela 92-93 "Dolls Wardrobe" mens chunky knit. They made them with the same measurements as the original dolls clothes just increased by x% in every proportion. Love the history behind it, but inherently its somewhat non anatomical. I might get it framed or displayed in some way...
[[SPOILER]] They only had a 48 and im usually a 44 in jackets so sorta tough to tell. If I were ordering id go true to size for a slightly relaxed fit.
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