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Got to see some of the FW16 stuff in person over the weekend, they only had a couple things, most notable piece being the Giorgio Coat. I was surprised to see it was kind of banged up. 2 really really loose buttons (you could see the thread had be damaged or unwound), and some really badly pulled threads on the inside lining. Not sure if this is a construction thing or maybe someone damaged it trying to put it on... Sean Blazer and the wool bend pants (not sure what name)...
It has the same buttons as my levi's collab oxford shirt. So yeah that would be my guess.
Shawl shirt is beautiful. Might be picking this up. The boucle moc neck feels straight out of FW 08 in the best of ways. If anyone knows where I might be able to go see one in NY drop a line.
The professor cardigan and the robo are my favorites older knits, happy to have one.
Been a while!All Geller all the time and some Margielas to boot [[SPOILER]]
Love the detailing on the legs... these just jumped to the top of my long Geller scavenger hunt list.
@melonadejello all of those pics are killer. Real jealous of that double breasted richard. I wear the 2 button version entirely too much. Curious to know deets on the pants in the last photo!
Out of my Geller denim the sepias are by far the skinniest.
Cloak lightly waxed field jacket. I had this in Navy (Never new it came in green!). This thing is lovely, and in true Cloak fashion even after months of having it around you'll discover little details and thoughtful touches. Unfortunately pricey, but I have nothing bad to say about the piece itself. http://page7.auctions.yahoo.co.jp/jp/auction/g173850251
@flowcharts Just recently got the same jacket in the ochre(?) colorway and you arent lying. I want everything I own to be made out of that 90% cupro 10% cotton blend. Its the Hooded Field Jacket and the Cadet Jacket in that fabric, id imagine a pair of flight pants were done as well... would be curious if anyone knew more.
New Posts  All Forums: