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@ipractice you will be my first message. I feel guilty for how cheep I got this considering what a special thing the robo knits were.
If it is toooo oversized in a bad way I will pass it on and relist for 50, first notice going here.
@OccultaVexillum Yep now I have the yin and yang of robo-knits. Considering I wear the cream one every other day it was a no brainier. Oversized, but honestly a tight or even slim sweater always bothers me.
Logo Used For Original Cloak WebsiteI was first turned onto the late great Cloak in 2010 when I joined this forum, 3 years too late. Since then ive done some of the most impossible and frustrating searching on my 6 year scavenger hunt.The reason for this thread is that ive noticed some of my favorite forums and posts on the history of Cloak are becoming dead links and un-hosted images. I wanted to share what ive collected and hopefully give them some extended life so this...
Maybe not entirely appropriate for this thread, but some higher res pics of the Cloak FW 2004 fencing jacket compared to the Geller FW 2009 Fencing. I read somewhere that the Cloak fencing had production issues and couldn't be sold with the rest of FW 2004 so it was sent to retailers with SS 2005 orders. I believe they also had to slightly alter the fabric from what was seen on the runway (Maybe to make the fabric was more SS friendly? I dont know).Im always trying to...
Oh damn im after it!
FW08 Cropped Jacket FW08 Robo Knit FW13 Painted Denim
[[SPOILER]] Geller x 3Nonnative
I consider it a perfect fit. Size 46, ive owned the 48 and it simply does not fit correctly, much too large in all dimensions. An oversized fencing jacket doesnt make sense to me.
[[SPOILER]] PajamaFencingRichardZippies
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