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SAMPLE piece from Robert Geller FW09 collection. Fencing Jacket, sample size 48, with detachable fur collar. Retail around $1000. Beautifully detailed jacket with a ton 3 dimensional features. Absolutely great condition. Very rare. Asking 350 shipped.
First cooler day ill take some actual fit pics!
Detail: Margiela Uniqlo Margiela
Recently lucked into the cardigan JJVE did for collection 2 (Satta Amassagana)In the best way possible its a complete monster, chunkier than anything else ive ever seen (70% merino, 30% cashmere). Its like wearing all the blankets at grandma's house. JJVE's creation demanded more information! So I emailed some JJVE employees and got this response:All I want for now is an end to summer...
These are replica/copy of Margiela's future hi tops in black. I own several margiela shoes and these stackup, really great quality for copies. Should fit a 9-9.5. Good condition but worn. Drop from 120 to: 100
From ss14 collaboration Fits on the slim side of Geller's usual 44 Grey color only available in Japan Worn only once. I removed the Geller/Tatras branding from the sleeve. You can still make out an outline of where the tags were.
Engineered Garments shorts size 32 in a blue/black paisley. Fit true to size Waist=32 inches. Has rear size adjuster as well. Extremely well made soft cotton shorts, great condition.
I am not sure. I purchased this jacket second hand and didn't ask. If theres a way to tell id be happy to help.
For sale navy Margiela calf leather 5 zip. Awesome looking jacket. Im a size 36 and it fits me wonderfully. Asking under what I payed for this forum, worn only a few dozen times. Great condition, no visible flaws. Only imperfection is a small hole in the bottom left pocket cotton lining. Super easy fix. Measurements: S2S= 18in P2P=18in Waist= 18in Length= 25in
Margiela GAT Mids purchased from Aloha Rag in 2012. Made from camel leather. Really cool shoes, everything about them is high quality, just not getting enough wear in my rotation. Tons and tons of life left in these. 250 Shipped Drop to 225 200 175
New Posts  All Forums: