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What is expected time for making jeans? Is it different from shirts?
Maison Martin Margiela FW11 High Top Blue Patent Sz 44 Selling these as they are a size too small. Retailed for 625USD. Original box included. They are in great condition. Some dust, and jeans bleeding on the inside (as can be seen in the pictures). Used maximum 10 times. ALBUM: http://imgur.com/a/bSLIw#0 PRICE: 350 280 USD + paypal fee (4%) PM with adress for shipping fee
I am looking to buy a pair of NF Weird Guy Left Hand Twill or Dirty Fade in sz 33. Will the inseam be long enough for me? Im 6'6", but cuffs are not important for me.
Which one of the blue oxford shirts are the thickest/heaviest?
Price lowered: now 240 USD
Navy suit, white or light blue shirt and forest green tie. Is that an OK color combination?
Bought these badboys from a guy on sufu. They run big, so I'd say if you wear 46 they will probably fit. I only tried them on. They are in good condition. The gum soles are a bit dirty. Shipping is 60 USD worldwide. Add 4% paypal fee or send as gift Post here or PM if you are interested or have any questions. edit: Selling them because they were a size too big.
Does the satin finish on the buckles last? Or will it get worn and shiny after a while?
I got the user wax to proxy from me because of the reccommandations in this thread. Good communication, fast shipping and flat rate . He also ships internationally
Received my scarf today. Great seller, great prices! Thank you
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