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Hey I don't know if you're still looking. But I'm happy with these shirts in the 30-40 rangeAlessandro gehardiSir bonserRobert FriedmanIngramTakeshy kurosawa (very slim fit)D.a Danielle allesandrinI (even slimmer)And periodically they have borrelli shirts in the 45-75 rangeThe only Brand I wouldnt recommend isMicram chemiseWhat I do to get a general idea on the quality of the shirt is to look at the buttons to see how fat the pearls are.
i dont know if this would be the right place to post this but they have some decent deals on random our legacy. http://www.yoox.com/us/men/shoponline?dept=Samplesaleman&gender=U#/d=12038&dept=samplesaleman&gender=U&page=1&season=X
Some FindsMoschinoPoloPucciValentinoHermes ? [[SPOILER]] PringleTalbottYSLVV
I am still trying to find a black tie event.
1st time i ever found a Tux in my size and a wonderful one at that. Unfortunately i have nowhere to go. Mohair Suit also my size no name but pretty well done Zenga wool Half-Zip Brooks Brothers Cavallini Never heard of the brand but cool Details. Talbott Sulka Armani Zenga
@harryx2 I haven't really made any purchases of late but I was browsin . My most recent was an A.GI.EMME-(Suit made by Lardini) I like it a lot mostly because it fit me right out of the box save some hemming. Alexander Hotto(boots)- some garbage it was unglued when I received. Mario Matteo (Topcoat)- nice Cinquantecento (Boots)- My favorite pair of boots I have ever bought. They are awesome Gutteridge (blazer)- really awesome material and fit. Monochrom (trousers)-...
Some of my recent thrift finds.Ties [[SPOILER]] Malo Button Up sweater [[SPOILER]] [MMM linen Pants NWT & Mabitex Tasmanian Wool pants [[SPOILER]] Portlano Cashmere Scarf [[SPOILER]] Pringle of Scotland Wool Sweater with sleeve logo [[SPOILER]] Nwt Brioni Wool Sportcoat
@cpmac7 Thanks @highvoltorb It's a blend, the fabric content just mentions viscose
Some cool stuff i came by on my way home from work.Prada Belt [[SPOILER]] My first Vicuna [[SPOILER]] Random ties [[SPOILER]] Cool topcoat [[SPOILER]] Nice cashmere sweaters
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