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It was a good deal. And Yoox consistently has pal zileri suits from 1-200 dollars and they have much nicer fabrics than canali imo.
I think it is mostly a crapshoot. I bought a canali (Brown Label) suit for about 100 and another one for 350. The 100 was regular the 350 was long. They both looked equally haphazardly strewn on the "model". Sorry not really much help.
There were at least two in my size and a much larger size. I guess anything is possible as it is yoox but it was definitely a shock receiving that suit.
So super fake I have five pal zileri suits this all of them are canvassed with clean stitching and nice materials. This one is fused with garbage material and workmanship
Same here. The first time I ever bought something fake of off yoox (pal zileri suit) also another suit I ordered came in the wrong size without pants.
I found a really cool shirt. Does anyone recognize the maker.
Thanks man. I am going to go back and see if they left anything else and if the knob shows up.
I stopped buying audio gear because i had no idea what i was doing but today i found something i could'nt pass up. Denon avr 5803 (missing knob handle but works perfectly) infinity modulus with stands
New lardini label Also I am pretty sure that the label of "Cantarelli 2" is scuderi
New lardini Tag
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