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I found a really cool shirt. Does anyone recognize the maker.
Thanks man. I am going to go back and see if they left anything else and if the knob shows up.
I stopped buying audio gear because i had no idea what i was doing but today i found something i could'nt pass up. Denon avr 5803 (missing knob handle but works perfectly) infinity modulus with stands
New lardini label Also I am pretty sure that the label of "Cantarelli 2" is scuderi
New lardini Tag
I have seen them at C21 in NYC look the same as regular zegna ties except for the neck part and the medallion, although iirc the ones at c21 the medallion was printed on the keeper loop.
That is so weird I didnt know Santoni on yoox said fit large but I have a pair of Santoni from a different store and I sized up as they fit a little too snug.
I have bought doucals from them some were large sized some were tts (yoox says runs large)I have bought fratelli Rossetti from them and they were also ttsI don't know about other brands.
Thanx man. I was just using it as a disclaimer. When I first started using this thread as a resource there was much hubub about a member who bought items at a consignment store and posted them here (if I recall correctly it was frowned upon), I am not sure what the end result was but it seems as if people were upset so I posted the prices to prevent that sort of thing.
I haven't posted pictures in a while as i haven't found anything of note until this weekend. [[SPOILER]] All thrift price except for the pure cashmere Kitons Which were 20 & 25 respectivly
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