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@cpmac7 Thanks @highvoltorb It's a blend, the fabric content just mentions viscose
Some cool stuff i came by on my way home from work.Prada Belt [[SPOILER]] My first Vicuna [[SPOILER]] Random ties [[SPOILER]] Cool topcoat [[SPOILER]] Nice cashmere sweaters
Those are 38
@TJGent87 The person before me? @SpooPoker Cool thanks for the heads up.
I know, but the tags seem very crisp for something that is said to have been worn to have been worn. I dunno if it is in fact never tried on or worn I just think that it is new without tags.
@tben, That is an old zegna shirt and the tags are still crisp and the creases in the polo show no movement from folding.
My paltry findsLL Bean NWOT, Zenga polo NWOT, Seize Sur Vingt, Hackett.Hermes x 8, Karl Lagerfield, Fake Armani, Vineyard Vines. [[SPOILER]] NWT Orvis Wrinkle freeVtg USA Made Patagonia
This thread inspired me to go to a thrift store i pass everyday on my way home from work and check it out. It was pretty good. [[SPOILER]] Never heard of this company ^^^ But they feel pretty cool [[SPOILER]] [[SPOILER]]
ThanxI dunno about his leather goods. The jeans i bought were supposedly crotch reinforced, notwithstanding the crotch blew out after about three weeks. By the time i got home from work i had a tear reaching to my ankle.
I bought a bunch of stuff from them over the past couple years and ill give some feedback on the brands i did not know before. Suits Fabio Inghirami- Good Ceasar dal 1935 -good Sartoria latorre - Nice material shoddy construction. Armand basi- bad Manuel Ritz- Not impressed returned Shoes Barracuda- good Arfango- good Thompson - varies mostly ok Ciro Lendini- looks nice sized big Used- not so good Webb- bad Mckanty- Not impressed returned Mr. wolf- Avoid at All...
New Posts  All Forums: