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Let's not be too quick to dismiss this approach, Vox. Not only does the daily clothespinning of one's jacket save unnecessary alteration costs, but the choice of pins, like cufflinks, avail the discerning gentleman of yet another opportunity to subtly express his personality. My own preference is for silver-tipped clips of Brazilian Rosewood with a springless design.
I'm sure you were at first excited that you had stumbled upon a cache of mythical "W" branded AEs, rumored to have been produced specifically for the former President. ...but I have seen the prototypes, and the heels of his line were actually to be branded with "L" and "R" - presumably to save him many painful and embarrassing mistakes.
#31 is excellent. If you stumble across another like it, let me know.
Wish I'd seen it. Sounds nice.
Benjamin (on eHaberdasher) are quite slim. I wouldn't call them hipster tight, but might be more fitted than you prefer. They're also a very good value at ~$90. I can't compare the fit to the brands listed above as I don't have those. Can anyone else provide such a comparison?
One cannot argue against this selection. That tie and bridle pairing puts this Llama at the head of the class.
I would agree with the comments that the length looks off. However, I don't think it's the actual length, so much as the proportion. Maybe it's just the angle of the photos, but it looks like the features were built for a jacket 1/2"-1" longer, or that, particularly the top button, ought to move up 1/2" to balance things out. It would be less noticeable w/o the ticket pocket. A second question: Probably just the photo, but are the angles of the pockets different?...
No, they send (from what I can tell) a random assortment. The book I received had maybe 25% marked with the fabric #, the rest were just there to look at, I guess. Among the roughly 50 swatches, there might have been 5 I would consider, but was not in love with. It would have been worth the $25 to me if they sent a better selection, all labeled. Or, if you could somehow add fabrics of interest to a cart online, and have those swatches sent, that would be ideal. I'd...
If you aren't actually making use of the feature to swap cuffs, then it just seems like a costly way to degrade the composition of the shirt, no?
I'm as confused as Keanu. Does anyone understand? You're flush with stimulus cash? Is that not the same as any other money? Why can't it be saved? Is it doled out like food stamps? Can it be spent anywhere, or only in the ghetto? If whatever I'm missing is somehow true, why would you spend it on clothes? Or, rather, on "high-end" clothes relative to the Kmart (sucks) that you are apparently fine with...? Buy something from the Apple store, then sell it on ebay...
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