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Quote: Originally Posted by Man Of Lint All you really need is the confidence to pull it off. If you already have said confidence, you're good to go. Enjoy. That's what it's all about. I have already been tested. I wore a black turtleneck, a fitted navy cardigan, and moss green flat front khakis the other day. I got some odd looks, which unsettled me but then I realized.. the odd lookers are ignorant, t-shirt & jeans dwellers.. as I once...
I've recently re-seen both "Bullitt" and "The Graduate" and, being painfully conventional, I intuit the casual style seen therein as not only timeless and classic, but worthy of (present day) emulation.. In particular, I'm finding myself drawn to the turtleneck worn with the sportcoat or the cardigan. Correct me before I actually wear such combinations. And, not, no thin ties for me. Or highwaters. So far.
Yes, I find them more comfortable than jeans as everyday pants. I like the fit, the feel, the drape, etc. I'm wondering if black, navy and charcoal khakis look like they're "masquerading" as dress pants.. or as poor man's dress pants.. or infinitely worse, as pants that some would wear when they have to "dress up" for a "special occasion" and only grudgingly wear instead of jeans..
Black, navy or charcoal khakis, esp charcoal plaid khakis.. Beige dress slacks, e.g. suit separates.. Should khakis and chinos always be lighter in color due to their inherent casualness, dress slacks always darker? I'm looking at my black khakis right now and wondering why I bought them
5'4" and shorter = extra short; 5'5" to 5' 7" = short; 5' 8" to 5' 11" = regular; 6' to 6' 2" = long; 6' 3" and taller = extra long google.. "suit coat sizing" 38R is very common, carried by nearly every retailer, though you won't find it as commonly in stock as you would, for instance, a 42R or a 44R. Not if you live in the United States, anyway. Go to your local mall this weekend, you'll find some 38R's.
Quote: Originally Posted by Flambeur Seriously though, the fucking guys with their dark purple shirts, shiny dark ties, and brown square toe club loafers.. UGH. the sight of which you say "you fucking guy.. *ugh*".
Button up the placket. Pop the collar. Wash inside out- for all of your laundry as it will be the inside that is agitated in the washer and abraded in the dryer or faded by the sun, if you dry them outdoors. Use woolite. It's not that expensive at Target, Costco, etc. Use wash bags. They're cheap. Your polos are less likely to get stretched out if you use a top-load washer. As for temperature.. the tags on mine say warm regular wash and tumble dry low, so I do it....
Quote: Originally Posted by EZETHATSME My advice would be to take anything from MW 100% off as soon as possible. Sure, they have your size, but shop around - surely other merchants do too. EZ Who else carries a wide selection of 38 Longs? I've done a search for 38 Longs on this forum and there are few threads, the content of which usually is something like "avoid MW" and "try (insert poster's favorite retailer there)" but the...
I know that if you go to Macy's and likely others, that most of the products seem to be "50% Off!" all of the time. The "regular price" is just a sham, meant to drive sales. Is the Men's Wearhouse "All Suits and Sport Coats 50% Off" pricing like this? I don't know, because I've been shopping there for only about a month. P.S. I've been shopping MW only because they carry a plentitude of my difficult size, 38 Long.
I returned the suit to MW today, without any hassle. *phew* Now I'm looking for a suit with pleated pants to accommodate my non-inverted-triangular build. Are the suits and sport coats at MW 50% off because they're out of season or are they always "on sale" just as product seems to be at JC Penney's, Macys, etc.?
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