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Quote: Originally Posted by cheyrou I would really appreciate if anyone familiar with my area could tell me of retailers carrying 38L's in regular supply. In addition to Men's Wearhouse, you can also check out JC Penney, who sells entry-level suits for about $200. Others will scoff as these are, to be sure, entry level "sack" suits, but I'm just throwing out this recommendation as JCP will ship to your doorstep, free, if you use one of their...
So I've got a few corduroy blazers- dark brown, navy and "camel"- and for pants, I mostly have khakis as they fit me best. However, the navy and camel cord blazers seem to look better with jeans than khakis and with khakis, it seems like a better-fitting odd jacket would be....? Do khakis look best with smooth-faced wool or cotton blazers? Do wool blazers look best with dress slacks- wool or polyester? This presents a more general question- which fabrics are most...
My how-to-dress book, "Image Matters for Men" tells me the (dress) shirt sleeve should terminate between your wrist and the first joint of the thumb, and the jacket sleeve should terminate at the wrist, which leaves about 1/2-3/4" of shirt sleeve showing. First thing first, get a dress shirt with a cuff that terminates as described above, not one that terminates at the wrist. Then start trying on jackets. That's what I would do.
I've got one of these polos which has a smooth texture and is thus far free of pilling, which I've been wearing it while lugging around one of these laptop bags which has a shoulder pad meant to make the bag more comfortable to carry. Thing is, the shoulder pad sometimes seems to migrate forward or backward, leaving some contact- friction?- between that nylon strap an my shirt. Thoughts? Will a pima cotton polo be less durable and more susceptible to accelerated wear,...
38L is a rare size to find, it's my size, and when I see something in my size, I strongly consider buying it. This time, I did just that, 38L 2-button CK navy blazer for $200, Nordstrom Rack. I got the thing home and compared it to the Jones NY 3-button navy blazer that I got from MW, and haven't worn yet. The CK has a nicer sheen, finer exterior texture, darker, richer pigment, nicer lining and makes the Jones NY's generally look inferior and cheaper in all those...
Yes. Barrel cuffs have one button and one button hole. No need for links.
Indeed, dressing well is his habit. Period. So different from most Americans today.. While we're on the topic, I hope the best for those people. A city can take years to recover from an Earthquake, including the psyches of those who lost loved ones.
Quote: Originally Posted by chrisb0109 I think that depends on whether you wear them in such circumstances. I don't, thankfully. I'm less ignorant now.
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