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Quote: Originally Posted by inlandisland Finally, in response to the OP (and maybe this has been asked, but I havn't gone through every page of this thread) does the "no cotton" rule apply to corduroy as well? I've been thinking that I'd like a cord sport coat lately... I have a cord sport coat and yes, it does tend to wrinkle at the lower back when I've been sitting. While I couldn't agree with a "no cotton" rule, it certainly does seem...
Quote: Originally Posted by Sebastian_Flyte ^ I've been extremely pleased with Land's End turtlenecks size M. Long enough for my torso, slim body, long arms. I never noticed the big arm holes, but I always wear turtlenecks under a sport jacket or sweater, so it's a non-issue for me. Yes, wear mine under a cardigan which itself has smaller armholes, thus cleaning up the fit. I have three of them from winter 09, I think if you didn't notice the...
Quote: Originally Posted by sonofstan I'll be 50 this year and weigh, and look- grey hair excepted - much the same as I did when I was 18. I've never watched what i eat. Find a way to market that to other babyboomers and your grandchildrens' children won't have to work a day in their lives.
Anyone else buy lots of Lands End? I buy from them mostly because they have a huge volume of medium-talls but some of their clothes have too "relaxed" of a fit whereas some others are reasonable. Me: 6'1", 38" chest, 15.5 neck, 35" arm, 33" waist, 32.5-3 inseam. I find their long sleeve pima polos not too big-fitting. Their turtlenecks, on the other hand, have really huge arm holes. They have a "tailored" line of clothes, haven't tried them yet..
Quote: Originally Posted by Uncontrol seriously these are the words of an insane person That's just a variation of what you said the first time. No explanation given.
Quote: Originally Posted by wsblend When I've asked a perfect stranger where he got something, I keep it short and don't ask follow-up questions. I thank him for the first answer he gives, e.g. "I got it as Nordstrom" and leave it at that. Asking follow-up questions risks awkwardness and pestering. Quote: Originally Posted by Uncontrol you have some serious fucking neuroses Explain. And then extensively,...
I've politely asked someone about where they found a jacket but I wouldn't refer to another man's pants b/c straight men shouldn't be examining what bottoms other men wear. That would be referring to another man's lower body- awkward. It's best to ask only about something above the waist- outerwear or headwear, or below the pants- shoes. Anything worn agains the skin, e.g. a shirt, is a bit more "intimate". When I've asked a perfect stranger where he got something, I...
just IMO.. camel hair = beige which is an earth tone; grey is, IMO, a metallic. The two don't go well together. Beige + navy or other earth tones is better.
Quote: Originally Posted by deveandepot1 Why do you want a polyester shirt? As a next-to-skin fabric, polyester always feels cooler to me and probably to others, as well; coolmax is made of polyester as is much other exercise clothing.
on the topic of underwear t-shirts... I know I can find 60% cotton/40% polyester white medium tall t-shirts at JC Penney or 100% polyester black medium tall t-shirts at REI but.. anyone know where I can find white 100% synthetic medium tall t-shirts? Synthetic as in fully polyester or maybe with some spandex blended in, but not cotton. I need something as cool and as light-colored as possible to wear under a white or light blue dress shirt.
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