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Nobody? Must a pair of khakis cost $100 to be SF-worthy?
... cost only $20 at the VH outlets and are available in the most sacred of sizes, 32x34 I like their fit, sheen and they have a stain repellant designed into the fabric. Has anyone here had them and put them through many wear/wash/dry cycles? How well have they worn over the months/years?
I read the best way to dry clean them is by first unstitching them, then restitching them after the cleaning. I'm with Trini, though; just air them out and them roll them up.
I have four Lands' End pima polos which seem to be of good quality. As expected, the pima cotton is very smooth, moreso in the charcoal or any heather version than in a solid color. In true navy or spice brown they're very vibrant, easily moreso than the "performance mesh" version that someone linked to- I have two of those as well- though the mesh version looks and feels like it will be more tolerant to any abrasion or abuse than pima. I've had my long sleeve pima...
+1 on going to Nordstrom Rack, there are really good deals there. You can try Nordstrom (in-house) brand "trim fit" shirts or "tailored fit" shirts, the former having smaller arm holes and being a bit slimmer fitting than the latter. About $25 each. As mentioned, on of the differences between some slim-fitting shirts and others is that some have higher (smaller) armholes and therefore smaller-circumference arm whereas other fitted shirts are slimmer in the abdominal area...
Worst: 40L suit from Macys: was informed too late of an upcoming wedding, bought this in a rush; now I know that despite alteration, the shoulder line is wrong Dockers original khakis in black, navy: oxymorons, should've gotten some black or navy corduroys or slacks.. just not khakis. JC Penney broadcloth shirts: thought they fit well, now I know the (barrell) cuffs are just too small. This list could go on but 09' was the first year I started caring about what I wear...
JAB pinpoint dress shirts- how much will they shrink after several washing/drying cycles? Washing instructions on mine say: machine wash warm, dry low heat.
I know others will boo this recommondation but JC Penney's undershirts that I have in a medium-tall are not tight but are close to it in the chest and shoulders. I'm about a 38" chest and the medium-talls are labeled 38-40 so they seem to run on the small side. If you don't need designer underclothes, try them. The heavyweight version isn't "silky" though the midweight version is a cotton/polyester blend and is rather smooth to the touch.
Quote: Originally Posted by akaidiot green hair and white face paint. +1
Can someone please get Uncontrol going again? I don't want to see this thread end, ever.
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