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Merry Lynch in Turkey?
Quote: Originally Posted by bkstone +1 +1 more.
why are there multiple replies to this thread? It was made clear that some do not want this issue to be discussed. Respect their wishes and have a discussion about something they find acceptable. If anyone wants to discuss tailoring costs, they must do it in another forum. That is all.
As for people <30 tucking in, all I can say is WOW, just.. wow. Are you trying to look like 50-something dress casuals wearing pleated khakis and polos?
Quote: Originally Posted by Sanguis Mortuum So buy suits that are 36L, simple. Pure genius. Now provide a link.
Absolutely yes- if you're willing to get into fist fights when responding to all the hecklers, thugs and the like who will disrespect you. Absolutely no- if you would rather your heterosexuality not be questioned. In concurrence with another poster, wearing pink pants would be one good way to give the t-shrt & jeans-wearing public another reason to think that wearing anything other than a t-shirt and jeans means being eccentric and an oddity.
Quote: Originally Posted by Sanguis Mortuum I wouldn't do it with a pin-stripe jacket though. +1 I've seen this done and the pinstripes really set off the jacket as being a suit jacket whereas a solid jacket with matching buttons is more ambiguous and really could pass more as a blazer. Speaking of blazers with buttons matching the fabric, I've seen many jackets at Nordstrom rack which seem to be just that as their tags don't say...
The reason to not wear a suit jacket with jeans or any other bottoms other than the pants matching the jacket is just that- it's a suit jacket because it's intended to be worn with its matching pants, thus composing a suit. The reason to wear the suit jacket with jeans is because it's undeniably hip. You see it in movies, you see celebrities doing it, you'll see people in your city doing it. Obviously, the latter would be done to use the suit jacket as a piece of...
Quote: Originally Posted by Kurtz Is there a good reason why you can't just use the search function instead of cluttering the front page with new threads? -1 If you don't like seeing new threads, try not to look at the front page. Look at the last page. No new threads there.
^so you mean you don't have any? No logic or reasoning here. Must be told directly.
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