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Thread resurrection. I just received this very blazer. It's tight enough in the shoulder line, though it could be more fitted in the chest and waist. Not a problem, really. The silk/wool blend is curious. It's very lightweight and fine and has a high sheen which looks unlike polyester but definitely not like 100% wool, either. I got it for $170. I'm on the fence. And, yes, the buttons are awful. Did anyone else see or try this one on?
stocking, me, huh.. this isn't a canvas sweater, though.
See here I can't tell if this combines the worst of all worlds; won't be as dressy as an all-Merino sweater, yet still labeled "dry clean". And the color looks strange. I wouldn't be surprised if someone with a trained eye was confused about what it's made of. Discuss.
I recently received these two cardigans in size medium: slub waffle cardigan This one had a fit sloppy in the shoulder & neck area, moreso than perhaps any cardigan I've ever tried on. Going back. mock neck cardigan This one wasn't nearly so loose and sloppy at the neck, likely because it's mock neck design give more "structural stability" to the shoulder and neck area. Speaking of the mock neck, it was so spacious that I could wear it buttoned up over a...
..and damn, this thing is stiff. This is genuine workwear. It is very abrasion and tear-resistant. Just what you need on the job. The down side? The oiled canvas is even stiffer than un-oiled canvas, which itself is pretty stiff. The question is- does anyone want to wear something so constricting if you don't need the near-indestructability that it affords? Not me.
I was in Macys today and spied a Levis trucker jacket like the one that's the topic of this thread. It's khaki and made of canvas, like the jacket discussed here, except it has corduroy at the collar and the sleeves' cuffs are unlined with corduroy. I has a very light plaid lining in the body of the coat though there seems to be no insulation behind it; its arms are polyester-lined. It MSRP''d for about $88 but it was on sale for $69. FYI.
I could've sworn I saw someone wearing the Type III the other day in Berkeley. It really caught my eye b/c it was so novel and I liked it instantly. And now I see it's sold out .
Quote: Originally Posted by ahjota From wikipedia: Originally created by Charles Prickworthy in an attempt to recreate his clothes boutique - Prickworthy's People - in mid-18th century London. Then seamen and menial workers began adopting polo necks as work wear at the turn of the 20th century. Over time polo necks would also become acceptable casual wear, though still usually for men only. I'm glad that you called my attention to that...
I already have the turlenecks. Been wanting a trucker jacket...
= mismatch? As I understand it: a trucker jacket historically is a piece of work wear, hence the name. whereas: turtlenecks are more associated with dressing in a "smart casual" manner, white collar/office/academic work and, in the case of wool or cashmere turtleneck sweaters, dressing formally. Does anyone wear a trucker jacket with a turtleneck? Is it only a matter of wearing it with a course cotton or course wool turtleneck while, of course, not wearing...
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