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For Sale: Allen Edmonds McClain 10E in Chili Pebble Grain. They are previously worn but in excellent shape. Minor scuff on the right shoe (pictures below). Looking for $80.00 shipped to your door. I accept paypal only. Thanks and please PM me with any questions. update 1/31/2011: SOLD
Yikes. Glad I bought mine when they were still available last year. Good look on your search!
Where can I purchase this WJK 66 Jacket? Does it fit true to size?
"Can anyone comment on the sizing of this season's madras/scretwashes? I have the gun metal gingham in L and it fits perfectly. But i've tried last years tartan in an L and it was not looking pretty at all. I like the plantation madras but want to get some feedback on fit. If i have to, i'll head into the store and try it on...but would rather not." Button-down shirt in citadel madras, item 22798 Size XS S Center Back Length 29.25 29.75 Across Shoulders 16.75...
How often do you guys wash your clothes? I have designated bum clothes I wear around the house then when I get out of the house I will change into something nicer. When I return I hang my clothes back up. Honestly I can go a month without washing my clothes. I don't sweat a lot so it stays fairly clean.
Quote: Originally Posted by JKISSI Selling Nail head shirt in a small never worn before $65 shipped. pmed you
Quote: Originally Posted by Ga-vroche 2 shirt today haha 2daysago yesterday who are the makers of those jackets? fatigue jacket from j crew?
Quote: Originally Posted by Eason internet, these jeans are slim straight You have that vampire feel like that movie Twilight. lol
I almost thought it was navy. Is it like a flat black? I sent you a pm so let me know maybe we can work something out!
BR has some good stuff. I alternate between J Crew and BR. I like BR's chinos, belts, and blazers. Surprisingly I went into the store two days ago and found a nice utility army green colored shirt cut slim in small that fit really well on me. Material was very nice made of 100% cotton. Definitely a versatile piece. I'll try and post some pics later
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