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Pm me with details.
Suppose people like the gingham, I knew that was the best of the purchases. However, I'm in school still and needed some casual wear too.
Quote: Originally Posted by ter1413 Didn't you post this already?? Yea I posted this here first, and got a response that it'd be better in SW&D Ironically I get more responses here Thanks guys!
I posted this on men's wear, but thought I'd get more thoughts here. Detailing on sweater: Don't usually purchase much from GAP, but was a great deal about $18~ shirt and $6 for the sweater!
They were a pretty good deal; I'm not a label whore If I came across a RLBL shirt for a good deal, I'd hop on it too.
Not sure if there's a sticky for this, sorry if this belongs in the wrong place but I need some quick opinions on some shirts and a sweater: Detailing on sweater:
resize your pictures and post them. I'd like to see.
Quote: Originally Posted by hrb hey, this blazer is only $49 CAD new at club right now, may be the reason for limited interest..nice one though, good luck with the sale, the club stuff is good bang for your buck. cosign, never pay retail for Club Monaco. I'd love to purchase this blazer, but the price is too steep atm.
Quote: Originally Posted by unjung No. I think a navy silk knit is close to the best you can do. However, I find that given the sheer brightness of the red, and the fact that it has a contrast collar, it's too much. I would find this shirt difficult to wear. So this shirt would be better with jeans and DBs? Also is there a general rule for what color the solid tie should be? Is it wrong to go with a navy gingham shirt and darker navy...
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