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Would you mind posting pics of that Washington?
Which Washington?
It's my understanding that the size advisor may not be correct, but most of the measurements are.
Anyone have either of these suits? If so, could you post pictures? I think I MAY have seen someone with the first one, but I'm not sure.
True. I'm going to wear them around tonight and tomorrow and see how they work out. Thanks for the help!
I don't want to wear them too much if I'm going to return them...I don't want to be stuck with them. Here's the picture. The top of my toe = the top of my thumb.
There's a good deal of room between my big toe and the top of the shoe, but I wasn't sure if this was how Chukkas were meant to fit or not. I'll take a picture and mark where my big toe is and post it up.
Hey all, I just received a pair of Gordon Rush chukkas I ordered off of Gilt, and have a question on sizing. This is my first pair of chukkas and I wasn't sure how they fit, so I ordered the same size I wear in sneakers, an 11. Seems like a mistake as they feel rather large. Do you normally order smaller sizes for these types of things? How much space in the top of the boot should there be for a correct fit? Thanks!
Thanks Badger. Much appreciated. I'm gonna ask if they can make the mil spec in a 41. If so, I'm gonna go with that because I think that will be the best fit. I REALLY don't want 3" of extra room inside the coat so I'm hoping a 40R will work out if I can't get a 41.
Peacoat, do you think a p2p of 21.375 will be too tight on a 42" chest? Should I go up to a 42 or see if I can get a 41?
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