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Measurements have been posted and price drop.
I sent you a PM about the jacket a few days ago.
1) Vintage Schott Perfecto 118 Size 42. Looking for 250$ + shipping since its pretty heavy. s2s: 18.5 p2p: 21 length: 23.5 Sleeve: 24 2) Dunderdon Anton Wool Jacket - Medium 100$ ->95$ Shipped s2s: 18 p2p: 21 length: 25.5 Sleeve: 26 3) NDG light grey denim - New without tags, might have them lying in my drawer. Waist is a size 36. 110$ -> 105$ shipped Waist: 18 Thigh: 13 Rise: 12 Hem: 9 Inseam: 36 4) APC Rescue - Washed once and never worn. Tagged 34 and hemmed to...
Also interested in the kzo can you post measurements.
Up for sale is a vintage Schott Perfecto 118 in size 42. Don't know exactly how old it is but the leather has been broken in and is very supple. Pictures will be up tomorrow after I get out of work, the ones I took came out terrible. Asking Price 250$
PM Sent~!
I bought this laptop last year and have almost never used it. The specs are still very respectable. It runs a core 2 duo, 4 gigs of ram and a 512 MB Nvidia 8800 GTS. It will play wow flawlessly on max settings as-well as most other new games. Laptop runs great and is in mint shape. Runs windows vista 64 bit. My asking price is 550$ or best offer. Any other questions or if you want pictures please pm me. I would prefer a local meet up since its safer for both of us. I am...
Newenough is a great website to deal with! I have bought plenty of things from them and they even took care of a problem I had with fedex, can not recommend them enough. On the other hand icon helmets are overpriced crap. Very uncomfortable and just poor quality. It you would like something on the cheaper side check out sportbiketrackgear for some closeout scorpion helmets. Newenough might even have some scorpions left. Quote: Originally Posted by Tokyo...
Do you know what the name of the color is for the iron rangers, or perhaps have a better picture of it?
Just got these my first pair of raw denim. NDG straight cut 36x36, I am 6'1 190 pounds. Any comments on fit? Should I keep them long or have them hemmed?
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