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Just picked up 3 pairs of CP's, I need someone to officially cut off my credit cards -_-
What site is gravityhope for?
Whats the coupon code and discount for Tobi?
nah, I just can't remember the last time they were $45 and have a tendency for doubling up when things are cheap especially since i beat the hell out of my clarks. Nice to have a backup pair
Pick up a part time while you're hunting down that career job. Seasonal hirings should be picking up around this time.
eastbay raised their prices, i'm happy i got my 6 pairs in with the 25% off. Came out to about $45 each
how do you get it shipped to FL? I didn't see that as an option, maybe I'm just blind
$30 Clarks Size 7, 8.5, and 11.5 Available These are also on sale for $50 with a much more available size run
Looks good to me, would work with the length for sure
Extra 30% OFF Sale Items on Promocode: shopnow
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