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Please tell me this guy is a troll and not actually this much of a tool.
I was at the Greenbrier Hotel in West Virginia over the weekend. The guests themselves were typical country club fare and nothing special to look at. WASPy, preppy clothing. Most people looked like they had walked out of the Country Club section of a Brooks Brothers catalogue, only executed more poorly. The hotel itself is an amusing testament to the decline of country club culture in the States. Formerly sustained by golf, the decline of the sport and lack of interest...
Quote: Originally Posted by ohchristopher fashion
Quote: Originally Posted by utexas Weird. It's recognizing the code, but not applying the discount. Same with ......0. The discount code for men's shoes is shoes30 (and the discount is only 30%). shoes40 is just for women's. Edit: Yeah, that search and replace is odd. Maybe it was a spam site or something? Anyway, discount shows up when you go to check out. I tested it earlier, but decided to pass on their dirty bucks. I feel like there are...
Quote: Originally Posted by AnGeLiCbOrIs If anyone wants is going to try this, you can go to Groupon through the US Airways portal and earn 8 miles per dollar. 5600 miles is more than 1/5 of a domestic R/T. Good catch. On that note, I always check if online retailers are partnered with United, which regrettably holds most of my frequent flier miles. It's surprising how many partnerships they have. I've earned a good chunk of miles from...
DC has a Groupon for Astor and Black for the next couple days. 1 Suit, 3 Shirt, 3 Tie package for $700. http://www.groupon.com/deals/astor-and-black-dc Disclaimer: I have never used Astor and Black, and I don't even know if this is a good value; I've just heard them mentioned here a good handful of times so thought it might be of interest. Edit: Oh yeah, these are the guys who took a massive shit on their customers here. See:...
You should certainly see what others at your firm are wearing before acquiring too much more. As a next purchase you'll likely want more conservative shoes. The double monks are fine, but a bit dandyish. Something like black semi-brogue oxfords would be perfect. Steer clear of brown shoes for now. The people suggesting these are likely American. Not that there's anything wrong with that; black shoes are just much more standard in the UK.
I'd guess they do the white model to photoshop in all the other colours for the custom shoe part of the website. At least I hope these are not intended to be worn... I had not seen this feature before. One could make some painfully ugly frankenshoes with this.
Location, level of seniority, and the type of firm you are applying to would all be relevant for this. (With the disclaimer that 99% of interviewers won't care at all.)
Quote: Originally Posted by LanceW +1 photocopy or have someone els trace your hand Chester Jefferies will be seeing a lot of random orders for yellow gloves this week. http://www.chesterjefferies.co.uk/sc...?idCategory=31 And conveniently, the Roper deerskin gloves, available in yellow, are 20% off right now.
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