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I love this look. Would love to recreate it. What type of material are those trousers? You pull it off effortlessly.
Hmmm let's see if I can give a constructive comment as it seems that SF has a considerable amount of wankers on here who just want to give out their cheap shots and not actually help the OP. If the OP doesn't like my advice, that's fine, that's his perogative. To the OP, does it matter if the clothes look 'gay' to you? At the end of the day, if you feel good in it and you think it works well, go for it man. Hell, you may be on the cutting edge of fashion yet the world...
I agree with the 'no carbs' route, basically cut out all beige foods (rice, potato, pasta etc.) Best of luck.
So turn ups and no socks are definately the way to go 2010?
Quote: Originally Posted by clee1982 hum, I am not American for starter... I don't think I will hate London, don't think I have ever hated anywhere, moved through too many places, can't hate them, otherwise I would be miserable all the time. I am sure I will have fun in London, just want to see what's out there. p.s. so can someone tell me some cheap good lunch place in Canary Wharf, I mean I can get decent lunch food for <10 USD in NYC, but didn't...
I've never been to the states but my idea of the US is of people having a 'glass half full' mentality to life and always willing to strike up conversation and generally being enthusiastic about life. London doesn't have that unfortunately. Oh and bring a few layers
If only someone could organise a London meet for us English folk Note - I am not volunteering to do this!
Hey Tintoterra - I love that look. Are those shoes available over in the UK? Any more detail would be appreciated. Forgive me for being a bit of a fashion newbie so anything else you can say about that outfit would be great. Thanks.
Quote: Originally Posted by Piobaire Tonight will be eggs with chorizo. Oh man I LOVE chorizo! Hope it's ok!
If they could relate Maths to sport in some way (i.e. make it cross-curricular), maybe boys would take a bit more of an interest. The poster who suggested it is the teacher's fault, I see what you are saying however I think with a new generation of teachers coming into our schools, it may improve. However, having said that, why should it be specifically catered for boys? Let's not assume boys like maths and girls like reading...
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