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Hi guys, I've posted the Spring 2010 Gitman Vintage shirts as well as the Steven Alan shirts that we have in stock at Stel's on our Facebook page. They will be up on our website in a couple of weeks. In the meantime, if you're interested please call the shop. Here's our Facebook link:
It was by Yigak Azrouel. It was one of the best leather jackets I've ever seen! Seriously!
Quote: Originally Posted by Oxnard They had a pretty good Robert Geller buy for f/w09, and they had a full size run which is rare (lots of places don't buy 52s). I can't wait to see their buys for s/s10. We have quite a bit coming in for Spring and next Fall's line looks better than ever, in my opinion!
Hey guys, We are at 70% off now on our website. New arrivals of Steven Alan shirts and Gitman shirts (Now in the shop) will be updated on the site as soon as possible. Call or email with any questions!
Yep, all of them are long sleeved. Hi there, I've had a couple of emails enquiring which Gitman shirts we have at Stel's. If you look at the picture in the link you can see which we have. Starting from top to bottom I have #3,6 and 7. Just to let you know, shirt #7 is more teal than the picture reveals. I also have a green pinstripe oxford, with the short collar and I have a grey oxford pinstripe with a button down collar. Finally, we have the grey, white and blue...
They're in at Stel's! Give us a call or email if you have any questions. 617 262 3348
Hi Guys, the Spring 2010 Gitman shirts are now in at Stel's. They're looking really nice!
Hey guys, just to give you all a head-up, we will be marking our sale merchandise down to 70% off starting midnight tonight. We're making room for aqll the new Gitman and Steven Alan shirts that arrived today!!
You'll most likely want to size down two. So, I would say go to a size 28. Remember, they will stretch!
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