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Here's a little press on a very cool bomber from Craig Robinson's Spring 2010 line. I'm still a bit surprised that his hand tailored clothes haven't gotten more buzz here on SF.
We've been slling the chambray gortex parka extremely well! In fact, all of the Wings & Horns has been doing well. You can check it out on our site. It was just updated.
Hi, Stel's is now updated with new APC, Wings &Horn and Craig Robinson. We'd love to know your thoughts! Stel's!
Hey guys, I just wanted to let you all know that Stel's is currently updating their site with new Spring items. Gitman Vintage, Steven Alan, V:Room and The Hill-Side will be in the next day or so. We will continue to add new items as the arrive. Wings & Horns, Nom De Guerre and Craig Robinson will be up in the next couple of weeks. Oh, and we're reshooting the shoes!!!
Quote: Originally Posted by Earnest Hemingway The fabric on my ~6 month old NS is getting thin at the crotch There is this one half-inch spot where all the warp threads have broken and only the weft is holding the denim together. Can anyone recommend the best way to reinforce the crotch by hand? I may just end up having my tailor patch it with some scrap denim I have lying around, since I don't own a sewing machine... Have you washed them?...
Quote: Originally Posted by g transistor Hey Jon, You said that you got the 6th shirt in the picture on the Gitman site, but I can't find it on your facebook page. Did you guys get this one? No, I apologize. I thought that we had ordered it but we changed it to the Madras plaid instead. Sorry for the misinformation.
Quote: Originally Posted by socialdtk According to Context's measurements there is a 1" increase in shoulder to shoulder per size and 2" in pit to pit. Anyone know where I can find a small white oxford? Context seems to have already sold out... Stel's
Quote: Originally Posted by Oxnard When are you guys expecting your s/s10 shipment from Robert Geller? Just bought a couple of shirts from you guys a few weeks ago, as I said I cannot wait to see your buys for the next few seasons since you get 52s. No word yet on Robert Geller. Are you on our mailing list? I can email you if you want. But I will aso post it here. I expect the first shipment to come within the next two to four weeks.
I completely agree! It's unfortunate, but we ended up not doing well with the line for the past two seasons. So, we won't be carrying it going forward. But I really believe in his and designs. I think he's got just enough of a fashion edge and still remains wearable without looking like a costume. I wish more people agreed.
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