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Hi everybody. I posted this in the sales thread too. I want to make sure everybody sees it, in case you want to take advantage. So, please pass the word around the forum. This is a test to see how Stel's website promo sales go on style forum. If people like it, we will certainly do more in the future. Stel's is going to offer a promotional code for 20% off merchandise at www.shopstels.com this weekend starting tonight at 8:00PM. The offer will be extended through...
Thanks! You guys have all been great to us, too!
Hi everybody. Stel's is going to offer a promotional code for20% off merchandise at www.shopstels.com this weekend starting tonight at 8:00PM. The offer will be extended through Sunday, May 23 at midnight. We are doing this to thank all of you for your support. If any of you would like to take advantage of this oppotunity please follow these directions: Enter *insider20spring* at checkout in the shopping cart coupon-code field to save 20% off your entire order. A.P.C...
Quote: Originally Posted by LA Guy The Geller looks really nice in person. The dip-dyed hoodie and sweatshirts (just kopped hoodie!) are beautiful. The fabric is great, and the treatment is very well done. You are not going to find anything like that at Urban Outfitters (well, maybe the UK version has decent stuff.) You're right. None of it looks like Urban Outfitters. In fact, this has been our best selling collection from Robert Geller....
The cut on both of the grey jeans is classic but the fabrication is different. One of them has a sheen to it and is more of a cotton twill. It's a bit dressier.
Hi guys, just a quick note to let you all know that Robert Geller, Nom De Guerre and Our Legacy have been updated on our site for Spring. Please let me know if you have any questions or comments. Thanks!
On the men's shoes, The Otis doesn't have a profile shot. It will be updated. the picture didn't come out properly.
Hi again, everybody. I just wanted to let you all know that as per your suggestions, we updated the pictures of our shoes on our site. I think they look a lot better now. We appreciate your constructive criticism as our website, as well as our store, is a growing changing process. So, thanks for your feedback . Please check out the new shoe page and let us know what you think. Men's Shoes: http://shopstels.com/shop/mens/by-category/shoes.html Women's...
If anybody is interested, we now have Our Legacy at Stel's. We have the shirt in the second picture. The fabrics that they use are amazing! We will have it up on our website in a couple of weeks.
He also designed Morgan Freeman's tuxedo for the oscars.
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