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Stel's website has been updated with our first shipments of both men's and women's spring 2011 clothing. This update includes Spurr, Gitman Vintage Shirts, V:Room , APC and Square One T-shirts. More updates will follow in the next week or so. Please have a look!
Stel's three day only David Bowie Blog Sale! Yeah, we're bored and sick of the snow. All the details are here:
Just wanted to let everyone know we're having an extra sale this weekend, 70% off phone orders and in-store! Check out the details here:
Thank you for the positive feedback! We've been working hard to keep up with the shipments and appreciate your comments! Take care and i hope you enjoy whatever you bought form us!
Quote: Originally Posted by airportlobby Thanks for that - picked up a pair of Quoddy Deck Chukkas. Thank you! I hope you enjoy them!
Absolutely! Please email me! There seems to be a glitch with UPS and our system right now. Some people are not getting their confirmation emails.
50% off at Stel's , in-store and on-line.
Just to follow up, everything that has been ordered on line has been shipped. There were no inventory issues. I don't know why some of you didn't receive emails. I'm sorry about that! But all the items are on their way. As for the Quddys, we will not be carrying Quoddy line anymore, now that J. Crew has them. We gotta stay ahead of the curve! That's why we put them on sale Things are going fast!
Hi guys, I'm checking in to any un-shipped orders right now. As far as I knw, everything should have gone smoothly. If you still haven't received any kind of shipping email please call the store and we'll take care of it. Thanks! Jon
Hi guys, in addition to our website, we have started a new blog. We'll try to update it at least every other day. I hope you all like it. Here's the link:
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