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Quote: Originally Posted by chronoaug Nice to see you guys with a styleforum presence. I do like coming in the store from time to time to check out the digs. Any kind of store update you can share? Maybe what stuff you're looking to carry in the coming months? Sales going on? Any other cool stuff Stel's related? I know Boston people and just SF people alike all appreciate any information just as it's nice to know what's going on. Take...
Yeah, that was an oversight on our part. Next season we'll do better. Ironically, the shoes are the best selling items on the site so far. But yeah, we're aware the pictures of the shoes could be better.
Hey guys, I'm from Stel's in Boston. Thanks for all of your remarks about our new site. We're working really hard to make this site better with each shoot. So, your constructive criticism is much appreciated. We actually just updated the site with APC denim and a few other sale items. We experimented a bit with the lighting and positioning of the items. If any of you have any opinions on the photos of the latest shoot I'd love to hear your opinion. Just a quick word...
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