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Quote: Originally Posted by racknac I'm hoping my New Cures will stretch out at the bottom... bought 1 size down, but don't see how they will stretch if your legs aren't filling that part up... The bottom will not stretch. They will only stretch where there is pressure. If you want more of a straight leg skinny, go with the Petite Standard.
Quote: Originally Posted by chethondo I didn't see an answer to this question (sorry if I missed it). How do they compare to Deisel jeans. I wear a 32 in diesel. What do I need to order in NS? You'll most likely need a 31.
If he's truly a 31, then a 30 should be ok. In general they stretch one size. Like i said, if he can buy both and return one, that would be the way to go.
If you can't try them on and you really want to be safe I would get both and return one. What is your waist size, usually?
Whatever, only each person can decide if a product is "worth" the money. What does that even mean? Some people will pay $4000.00 for a Kiton or Brioni suit. Is it worth the price? Sure, if you'll wear it and enjoy it. But all the hand work that goes in to those suits means nothing if you don't feel good in it. Is Dior worth the price? It's a $1700.00 suit. That's a lot for many people. But still they'll pay for it because to them it's worth it whether there's any hand...
Quote: Originally Posted by ashy Someone should give this guy a prize for posting this. Lastly,you mind helping me with the question I posted above? What's your question? I didn't see it. Seriously, if you call Stel's we will be happy to give you any info on any of our products (fit, durability, etc... )whether you buy it from us or not. So, don't hesitate to call with questions.
Quote: Originally Posted by ashy I see. I sized down 2 for my Petit Standards. Fingers crossed they won't be too tight! Two sizes down on Petits may be too tight. One size down is usually sufficient.
Here are some basic descriptions of fit for the APC denim cuts: New Standard: Medium rise jean, slim, with a slight taper from knee down/ Generally size down one to two New Cure: Low rise jean, skinny, tapers all the way down/ generally size down one Petit Standard: Low rise jean, slim, straight leg/ Generally size down one Rescue: Higher rise jean, fuller cut, straight leg/ Generally size down two And remember, just for some shameless self promotion, we have a pretty...
Quote: Originally Posted by ashy ^ ^ Thanks Im kinda stuck between a 29 and 30. The 29s fit great knee downwards but are a tad too tight at the thighs and butt.Will the infamous APC stretch will come to use here?(I need the jeans to stretch at the thighs and butt.) Or should I get a 30 which fit better on the thighs? (I'm afraid that they might stretch out too much, knowing how much APCs stretch) They're going to stretch anywhere where there is...
Quote: Originally Posted by ashy ^ ^ Yes, I did. They were rather tight up top as expected. I know they will stretch at the waist but will they stretch at the tighs too? I'm concerned because it was a little painted on at the tighs but they will stretch to a nice slim fit right? EDIT: Would it be safe to say that PS 29 has the same thigh space as NS 28? That would be a good estimate. Although I do usually tell people to size down, you may...
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