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Based on the measurements, this seems like a men's medium. Would you say it fits that way? I had read that size IV was closer to a small for SS.
Incredibly low prices for new and highly desirable pieces from J Brand and Michael Bastian!
Let me know what you have
Drop to $89!
Drop to $40!
TheBigwig, really like the looks, especially the mix of textures. I think the symmetric bracelets in the first look is a bit silly, though.
Pawel, perfect. Stick with the skinnier jeans - works well with the shape of that coat.
NYI, I really like that blue blazer. In your second look, I think the tie is a bit too matchy. I would like to see something with a little more pop. Maybe a solid with a little color and sheen? Also, not sold on the pocket square. That said, all strong looks and I love the baseball cap one!
That Orlebar Brown label looks familiar... [[SPOILER]]
'In the event that someone (presumably not the wearer) begins to pull the pants zipper downward, lights in the surrounding room will dim, the stereo will turn on, and upon unbuttoning the waist button, strategically placed candles will suddenly, electronically ignite, creating a glow so romantic and so pleasing, the sensual effect, says Randy, "is sure to shock and awe any prospective partner into ecstatic...
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