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What's this about milk? People should be putting half and half in their coffee.
@conceptual 4est will the Greatcoat be available in the fall as well, or is this a pre order thing only? I don't mind paying the extra money to see the coat made in these new colors. And also in case of a return, since I'm between sizes in FL stuff.
Totally. In a way you have it good, once you have the real thing it's hard to settle.
My friend, I'm talking about dingy little hole in the wall places usually cloistered away from the main streets of seoul. Places with naked lightbulbs hanging from the ceilings. Places with one bathroom, labelled "general piss", because the owner's grasp of english is awesome. Places where it's required to mix beer and soju into something called somek. Don't get me wrong, I'm sure chicago commercial strip korean bbq is good, but this is more than a simple gastronomical...
There is an asian mart type thing in the suburbs. That hadn't occurred to me.I guess it's the whole atmosphere I'm pining for. A side street barbecue joint with lots of red faced drunk koreans. Cigarettes everywhere. Minimal english spoken by the waitstaff. And good samgyeopsal. And galbi.
Denver has shitty samgyeopsal. Been missing k peninsula food lately.
^ Been meaning to watch. Ryan holds a special place in my heart vis a vis battle scenes. Curious to see what can hold a candle to it.
Wonderfull performances from a heavy hitting cast. Smart direction, tight dialogue, plus the camera work coming in with a severely catacomb ish feel to the whole thing. Good stuff.
word, let's turn the page please
Roman pro hats are good stuff. Not high resale value, but you are correct they made mlb caps prior to new era.
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