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ss shirt jacket thing size IV
pe sail shirt
Buzz Rickson MA-1. William Gibson edition. New, unworn. 42 slender long. 600 shipped w/i lower 48 p2p 24 s2s 19 sleeve 27 length 26.5
Engineered Garments jacket. Large. Navy. 50/50 ripstop shell, wool collar and cuffs. 7/10 175 shipped w/i lower 48 p2p 23 s2s 19.5 sleeve 27.5 length 27.5
studio d'artisan D1587s thanks for the rec fok peanuts beer
Came across these guys the other day. Been on repeat since.
I like Tim Hortons. It's how I quit smoking.
Where is the outerwear at? They pretty much have had down and that field coat as their only choices since fall I need a beater harrington
175 150
350 300
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