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Those are some nice looking Adidas Tobaccos where made? that usually helps indicate period.
Fuck yes.
Great, Paul, thanks for the info.
I like that Yohji, Vis, and 45rpm all substitute for Van Heusen in Japan.
[[SPOILER]] Much obliged for the info.Even though it's not the rollneck you linked to above, any chance of seeing this nice thick one again?
That camel jacket is so kick ass I'm sorry I never found one in my size.
that brick cardigan should have a production code somewhere on the labels with the care and content info it usually specifies the season/year there. edit: at least it has for every knitwear piece I've owned from margiela, maybe older pieces don't have, I can't say
Paul, any plans for knitwear this Fall with set-in sleeves instead of raglans?
Roden gray, Haven, Neighbor. Inventory used to exist and were terrific but they went under.
Fwiw I've heard CP achilles womens fit same as mens.
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