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It's bad. I don't even know what to say. It's just bad.
Felt like good stuff. JK Simmons reveals he can play a pretty big asshole.
^ Those look like Thom Browne for Dita.
Did not particularly like The Accountant. I thought @Kaplan pretty much summed it up.
And sometimes crushing student loan debt, unless mommy and daddy foot the bill. You guys have free higher education in Germany.
Id still say so, even though resale on PE stuff has not been great
Stuff felt good enough to be mij. Now I know I guess.
Really? Could have sworn the soutien I looked at was mij.
It depends. What are you interested in?
Handled some Nanamica at Roden Gray a little while ago. I was interested in a gore-tex soutien coat. Didn't kop due to japan sizing. MIJ quality, but nothing special outside of that imo.
New Posts  All Forums: