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Slept on the temporal. Anyone have an XL they want to sell give me a pm edit nvm found one
Anyone have anything to say about the cotton linen short sleeve shirts? The plaid ones. Some people are saying they run large in the shoulders so I'm wondering if I should size down or stick with an L.
Looking for an Ervell Icelandic sweater in XL. Prefer the grey but would jump on either of the blue ones too. Thanks!
Does the defender down leak as much as the regular down stuff?
Looking for an amalgam sweater, size L or even M. Thanks!
Anyone know how these fit? TTS? ect
Anyone remember when those merino wool cardigans are put out?
Number Nine multi pocket jacket size 2 http://page7.auctions.yahoo.co.jp/jp/auction/g142879746
why no on the wool?
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