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^^ Jacket is too short Button stance a bit too high Shoulders are cut improperly for your physique. It doesn't look like you have sloping shoulders. I don't think Indochino does a good job in the shoulders anyway, so you may have to deal with it. LorenzL is like In Stitches, but solely addicted to Indochino. What an odd fascination.
Maybe presenter isn't the right word... It's basically this guy's party. He invited the DJs, etc.Disagree with this. Some clubs are not worth paying for, but others are definitely worth paying to get in. I was in one club in Shibuya Tokyo that was freaking awesome and cost 3000yen (37usd) to get in. Famous real DJs, three different floors with different types of music, super hot girls and great vibe. I was a poor bastard at the time and the night was on a rich friend's...
Good points. I'm already getting in for free, knowing the presenters. Just not sure if they have a list that lets us bypass the line... I'm also meeting a girl there. Maybe this'll be easier than I think. Cheers
I hate waiting in lines. I don't go to clubs often, but a friend invited me to one and I just want to bypass the line. What do you think? 3x the cover? 4x? It's not a very exclusive club (don't think exclusive NYC club here), but I know there will be a line as it's a special occasion.
It looks like something from Star Trek... not in a good way.
Haha, awesome article. Thanks.
They both look great, but I definitely have to give this to Macaroni. He should have worn sexier shoes though. Shirt sleeves that extend beyond one's wrist is a strange look
MC: YuckSW&D: Yuck
This thread fucking sucks. Why oh why isn't it deleted? I guess SF wants the traffic, but holy shit...
We love you Eric Glennie.
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