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Can someone please recommend a tie for this ensemble? Thanks!
Sorry for the spammy posting from the store earlier, here's what I ended up with: Isaia paisley tie Massimo Bizzocchi tie, I've never seen the buttonhole on the loop before... Standard white french cuff Zegna, and Borrelli from Louis Boston in purple.
Fair enough. I'll post some from home. My excitement got the better of me.
Sweet. Good fits on the Zegna and Borrelli shirts, plus Isaia and Bizzochi ties for $8.
Wow, finally found a good place near me. First shirts I see are Rubinacci, Borelli, Barbera, Zegna. Sweet. Standing browsing now.
Yeah, it's a little big, though I am turned a little awkwardly here in the photo which exacerbates the look.I wish I could! I don't think this will stay in my closet, but I was so excited to find something of decent quality in the shop down the street I bought it right away.
Found a 42L DB Brioni jacket today for $6. Picked it up, not sure if I'll keep it. But, first Brioni for me!
Just noticed the Franciscan monk strap is now available in merlot... I've not tried on the 333 last before, I only have Park Aves and Strands. How different is the sizing?
I got this Burberry sport coat today, great fabric, fits perfect, cost $3. However, I need some advice on what would go with this pattern. I don't have any other plaid sportcoats, so I'm not sure what would be the best look with this. Any ideas?
At this price, can you also provide the brown leather field satchel?
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