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I ordered something from Haberdash that was OOS. But the service was great: multiple, professional emails through the order process. They even tracked the package down after I said shipping was maybe taking a little long (hi I'm Canada). They replied promptly by phone, text and email (it was one last day away). Plus, the prices can get quite low: I grabbed an SNS Reference jacket for $200, down from $500+, along with a few other things. $0.02
Excellent price. Great piece, very warm - helped me through a brutal Canadian winter. Markedly thicker than the Stark, marketed as a jacket. The cotton lining makes it easier on bare skin if you find wool itchy, like me. Plus it'll last forever.
Krane sale on since this morning - half off everything on the e-shop, prices are excellent for the quality. Everything's on sale: bags, coats, etc. http://kranedesign.com/shop/category/outerwear/
great price. free bump
I was there for the sample sales so I know these don't fit me. For the rest of us, though: what size are they?
great price for this - good luck with the sale.
^^ yeah, they're on record for saying they're revamping the whole site with a better custom boot builder. Not sure when it's expected to go live. You can still find the old one if you google, but it's not hooked up to an ordering system. P sure you can still call in a custom order tho.
Viberg Chukkas 9.5UK starting @ $275 posting so I don't buy http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=160978983617&fromMakeTrack=true&ssPageName=VIP:watchlink:top:en
I know the shoes started off stiff enough to blister each of my ankles... haha maybe the pain made me not notice the hardness of the sole. The sole is known for being cushioned & I think the Maine Guide style is built to break in comfortably. If you like the style I'd say give them another shot, and use them as your house slippers first, give them some break-in time. I can say with confidence they are my most comfortable shoes, and I've got a few
Hi, I kept mine. They broke in in about 2 weeks, the moc style makes them very comfortable & the sole's soft and very quiet. They're like short boots - sorta heavy and clunky looking, but nearly waterproof, grippy, sturdy & warm. You can wear them barefoot, and they look better after a bit of wear.I like heavy shoes, being able to cope with weather is important for me (Canadian). They've inspired my new lust for a heavy-duty pair of winter oxfords. They definitely aren't...
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