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I think in general it goes dress models (the plain toe ripple sole is a sleek oxford) are TTS, while field models expect a heavy sock, and are built 1/2 - 1 size bigger. Red Wing uses this sizing method, too. Not terribly helpful for internet buyers, but a good starting point.
same boatempty quote
^^ coveted brand, popular models. Best option is marketplace / grailed / kijiji / ebay for someone who sized wrong (ie it hasn't been worn much). Alternately, a drycleaning should take care of harder used items. Not an answer if you need NWT, but an option.
The site is brutally slow, but there's decent size runs and the speciality lines (MIE, fabric, & Aggy D chukkas for example) offer a better than 50% discount. You don't get something for nothing - in this case, you pay with time. If you're surfing at work, let the page load in the background
Doc Martens is having a sale, "up to 85% off" (you also get $10 for signing up to their mailing list) http://cobbslane.com/special-sale.html I have a pair of slim, all-black made in England shoes coming for $80 shipped, so this PSA might be for someone
hi guys, wanted to thank y'all for the inspiration to get more heavily into thrifting. For years I thrifted for myself until I found a pair of clean, handmade Vass for Brooks Brothers oxfords a half-size small for me. I knew that to get a good price, I had to sell a few things first so I could get a feel for clients, the system, shipping, photography, etc. Thanks to ya'll I have a better understanding of trad menswear (I'm from SW&D). Today was pretty good - NWOT Brioni...
I own this coat (I think it's the one Pink Pantser's wearing there). My medium fits slim with good length arms and ample hood. Toggles and buttons are horn, and I've thoroughly tested the waterproofing. Features an interior zip pocket or two, and the liner has 4 pockets & is reversible.
^^^ guys, there was two // s in the link ^^^ take them out and it works fine.
"Warning: Coupon is either invalid, expired or reached it's usage limit!"tried it on the already marked-down razor coat, might still work on other things ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
the AW14 was just shown a week ago, I'm guessing it'll be online soonish http://instagram.com/p/tFwCB5kI8v/
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