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Quote: Originally Posted by Warren G. I'm from New Orleans and I hate that shit lol. During my prom, it was 80% bounce music. Same here. What school did you go to that this was being played at your prom?
Because of the white piqué tie and vest, this is what we call Full Dress or Formal Dress in the Navy, as opposed to Dinner Dress or Mess Dress (black tie, gold cummerbund for Navy not sure on Army cummerbund color). Typically this would be reserved for inaugural/coronation/White House/high-society debutante balls. I wear regular dinner dress about three times a year and formal dress once a year on average. That's usually for Dining In/Out, Navy Birthday Ball, maybe a...
Grew up having three horses because my sister rode. I'd ride every now and then, but none of the hunters and jumpers like she did. Girl that I now date run the equestrian team at my university and is big into jumping. I've gone a few times, and they really are great animals.
Was there (actually, more Gulf Shores-ish) for Spring Break when it was still pristine. I dread to think how the first hurricane will effect the northern Gulf Coast.
Right now, $263 (but someone just gave me $200 for money they owed me). Typically between $50-$100.
Quote: Originally Posted by Ambulance Chaser Bars. Paying for drinks as I order them gives me the freedom to leave whenever I want to rather than waiting for the bartender to retrieve my card and ring up my tab. This.
Quote: Originally Posted by otc How very secret-agent of you (the window-toss thing...well, the gun thing too) Travel enough for the military... you acquire seabags and sailing duffels. Additionally, I read this forum from time to time as well.
Having lost everything once before (Hurricane Katrina) when I was a teenager, I've learned a valuable lesson about the grab and go lifestyle. I keep a small carry-on sized luggage piece with a few days of clothing and copies of important documents. I also have a small fire/water proof safe that I keep my tax documents, passport, extra pain meds and antibiotics, birth certificate, etc. Grab the gun in my night stand and shotgun in the closet. Wardrobe can easily be dumped...
Great book so far. Very Lords of Discipline-ish, if you're a Conroy fan.
Quote: Originally Posted by BDC2823 Other - Seafood Same.
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