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or wear a bow-tie
Quote: Originally Posted by TheD0n (ab exercises don't interest me). Then you will never build muscle. A strong core is a catalyst to muscle gain and looking good (why else would you want muscle?). Do 50 consecutive days of the following: Pushups: 100 (elevated, wide, and close). Planks: 3-5 minutes, Pullups: 30 perfect, and 60-120 reps of various weightless squats, and 'ab' exercises and you will see killer results.
I'd be no help. My mom still picks out my outfits. She does a really good job.
They were the craze in 1994. I had one and yes, I remember it stretching out. I think I left it in 1994 though.
Quote: Originally Posted by Ich_Dien What would an Aussie know about rain?! All it does is rain in Adelaide. I hate Adelaide.
Quote: Originally Posted by StephenStyle Exactly. It's not like we're a bunch of obsessive compulsives.... oh wait. Obsessive Compulsives replace their Tom Ford hangers with a hanger from a matching set. That way every hanger in the closet is the same, and every article hangs perfectly. Label whores collect hangers.
This is a big joke, right? Seriously?
Shoes crease, but a properly fitting shoe should not crease like the ones pictured. If you are 9-9.5, but sized up to fit the toe box, then you likely have the wrong width. Width is half the sizing and yet you failed to mention it. Add an E and drop down to 8.5-9 and you won't have a canyon. I don't understand how others failed to mention the obvious...
Quote: Originally Posted by powers.sm The suit is from Men's Warehouse. In the range of $350. While not bank-breaking, a lot of money to pay for a one-and-done kind of thing. Just don't remove the tags and be sure not to spill your wine. Problem Solved.
Quote: Originally Posted by Nicola Weight isn't the issue. Body fat is. You can go low salt for a week and drop weight. Does that fact you've pissed out a few pounds help? Low carb does the same thing. The compliance study I saw was pure crap. Calling it a study was at best a joke. If the OP asked for advice of how to lose weight, then the only advice should be... create a calorie deficit and exercise. Atkins is a diet, and a worthless...
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