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I absolutely love Saddleback. The Thin Briefcase is a bit heavy, but it's absolutely worth it. Not sure what's important to you, but I often get stopped on the street or in airports asking about it (I must confess that I convert it to a two strap backpack when pulling wheel luggage which I think interests some people - its functionality over form for me at that point). The other thing is that the hand sticthing in the leather gives it a 'rustic' look which may not be...
I'm not sure anyone will debate the importance of a quality writing instrument in a man's stylecon, but it seemed like the point of your post was to understand who among us wear a pen in our shirt pocket - which I would imagine very few do (for reasons listed above, including post #3). It appears that you have multiple's of the same pen? It also appears that most of your pens are MB? Why on earth would you have more than one MB? It's like having more than one Rolex while...
There is some truth to this statement. i find the douchebaggery comes from guys who wear aviators a size too big (which is most) and don't take them off when appropriate. If worn by design, they are a timeless staple.
And to add, that jacket is is so short that anybody with a body any less flattering than the noticeably annoyed model will be in deep trouble. I respect the fiancée wish thing having been recently married (although I called the shots on what I was wearing), but if i were you I would very much take up the offer posted by fellow sfers to post your objective and budget and let them do their thing.
If you take him down, are you on deck for his position?
Here in Australia most mens jackets have reversed buttons/zippers. Its as annoying as hell.
So if you go the route of dressing up a Panerai, does it matter to you if the dial is black or white?
Quote: Originally Posted by alliswell A1 Flight jacket - the original US Airforce jacket - had this detail: Understanding the origin changes my perception a bit, but it has to be done right. The flight jackets are pretty cool.
Quote: Originally Posted by teddieriley I know. That's why they should have got the jacket in his size. Not XXXL. The fit of that jacket was obviously intentional. He is on his own scavenging, hunting, and surviving. A properly fitting jacket would have been the wrong prop. On another note, can anyone explain the preference for the stretchy fabric on the base of some of these jackets? It looks cheap, dated, and hardly rugged. Sort of...
or wear a bow-tie
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