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Amazing, but wait... Are your jackets hung open to the right or did the photo render backwards? Never thought about it until I saw that, but that would drive me nuts.
I appreciate the advice. The shirt is indeed one of my go to sport coat shirts. I've got a linen grey and a light burgundy grenadine tie the seem to work well with it. I've always questioned the matchyness of the burgundy but thought the texture did enough to make it work - I will certainly look into a navy tie. The question was more around the tie and it's ability to run with an otherwise versatile shirt - you all validated my gut instinct and I appreciate it. I admit...
No need to be sorry - I appreciate the feedback. I actually don't like the tie either, but it was a gift, and I'm trying to make it work... This was my last ditch effort.
Thanks in advance.
I think it's safe to assume the shirt would be ironed... What really stood out, however, is the cutaway collar.
There is nothing stylish about appearing unprepared or tethered to a smartphone.
Even in a "dress-down" work environment, you should be tucking your shirt in.
Do you change your socks throughout the day? Especially during those 20 h stints, a sock rotation will keep your feett and moisture level low
Landshark had the best advice...
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