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No need to be sorry - I appreciate the feedback. I actually don't like the tie either, but it was a gift, and I'm trying to make it work... This was my last ditch effort.
Thanks in advance.
I think it's safe to assume the shirt would be ironed... What really stood out, however, is the cutaway collar.
There is nothing stylish about appearing unprepared or tethered to a smartphone.
Even in a "dress-down" work environment, you should be tucking your shirt in.
Do you change your socks throughout the day? Especially during those 20 h stints, a sock rotation will keep your feett and moisture level low
Landshark had the best advice...
I absolutely love Saddleback. The Thin Briefcase is a bit heavy, but it's absolutely worth it. Not sure what's important to you, but I often get stopped on the street or in airports asking about it (I must confess that I convert it to a two strap backpack when pulling wheel luggage which I think interests some people - its functionality over form for me at that point). The other thing is that the hand sticthing in the leather gives it a 'rustic' look which may not be...
I'm not sure anyone will debate the importance of a quality writing instrument in a man's stylecon, but it seemed like the point of your post was to understand who among us wear a pen in our shirt pocket - which I would imagine very few do (for reasons listed above, including post #3). It appears that you have multiple's of the same pen? It also appears that most of your pens are MB? Why on earth would you have more than one MB? It's like having more than one Rolex while...
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