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Please pardon the bump, but I too am very interested to hear if anyone has tried the new shirt. I only have a few H&K shirts because I discovered them a few years ago, but there is not another similarly priced shirt on the market that wears as well for me as their slim cut. I am afraid of what the new cut brings and would rather not spend the money until I know for sure. Thank you.
You've got great taste. All the watches are beautiful, but of the three, the Portuguese Chrono would be my choice. Have you considered the Portuguese Automatic? It has an austerity that I really dig.
That's pretty awful.
Fwiw, my black cap toes are pushing 15 years and I they still look amazing. My only pair of black shoes, worn roughly 45/ year. A few soles and maticulous maintenance.... Money wasn't the reason, but in retrospect I saved a ton.
Are you hell bent set on BB? If not, take a look at Samuelsohn.
Any input would be greatly appreciated.
Gents, When lacing a Bal Boot, is the proper lacing pattern criss cross or straight bar?
What I meant is that it appears that all your suits (and shirts, of which I just noticed) are hung with their buttons facing to the right versus to the left. I'm trying to understand whether the photo is backwards, or if you do indeed hang your shirts differently than what I thought was the standard way of hanging clothes. I could be, and often am, wrong... just curious.
Amazing, but wait... Are your jackets hung open to the right or did the photo render backwards? Never thought about it until I saw that, but that would drive me nuts.
I appreciate the advice. The shirt is indeed one of my go to sport coat shirts. I've got a linen grey and a light burgundy grenadine tie the seem to work well with it. I've always questioned the matchyness of the burgundy but thought the texture did enough to make it work - I will certainly look into a navy tie. The question was more around the tie and it's ability to run with an otherwise versatile shirt - you all validated my gut instinct and I appreciate it. I admit...
New Posts  All Forums: