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Quote: Originally Posted by ghulkhan respect??? did you hear mayweather talk before the fight at all?? That's part of the promotion. Did you hear Mayweather after the fight?
I'm living in Seoul now. I have never gotten a suit made but I get shirts made at Hahn's Tailor in Itaewon. They're decent for the price ($40) but I assume for the same price, Janzen could do a better job. I just took a jacket in there to get altered but it was only to get the sleeves shortened. You could also check out Zenith in COEX Mall/Intercontinental Hotel shopping arcade. The person who recommended Hahn's to me also recommended Zenith.
That 4th pic of SHG was at Ala Moana in Hawaii. I used to frequent that coffee shop but I suppose, never at the right time. Anyway, if you think SHG looks plain in those pictures, it's because she's wearing little to no makeup. I think it says a lot about a womans beauty when she can still look pretty without make up. My favorite Korean celeb is Kim Tae Hee. I don't know whether SHG...
You say the ball goes straight right on contact? You might be shanking the ball. What that means is you're hitting the ball with the hosel, not the club face. There's a link to my golf forum in my signature. Shanks are a common problem. I've even seen Tiger Woods do it in competition. Do a search there and you'll find a lot of tips on correcting it.
Quote: Originally Posted by Brian278 I do recommend lessons every two weeks or so, at least to start with. Get the fundamentals down and the rest becomes a lot easier. And you don't have to spend a lot on equipment, but absolutely do get fit for the right clubs. There's no need to make the game any harder than it already is. Yeah, that's the most important thing. Getting clubs fitted to your game. You can spend thousands of dollars on...
I would get some lessons. A lot of people spend a lot on equipment but no money on lessons that would allow them to swing their clubs well. Don't have a lesson more than once a week. You'll need time in between lessons to practice yourself. I have my own golf forum at if you're interested.
The mall is a good place but like you said, a lot of girls will be doing something or shopping. That's why you should find girls who aren't doing anything in particular like sitting and having a conversation at Starbucks.
Never heard of a vicuna suit but I have heard of vicuna coats.
Quote: Originally Posted by amerikajinda Well, it depends on the white guy with yellow fever, but 95% of the time Asiaphiles simply can't tell AND they're so pathetic they don't care... and even if they could spot a truly beautiful Asian woman, they certainly wouldn't be able to date her, because most Asian women can spot Asiaphiles a mile away and quickly run the opposite direction when they encounter one, so Asiaphiles have no choice but to date the...
Either check it or mail it.
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