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I bought this set in blue from ebay for around $2000 a year or two ago. It think there is a similar set listed on ebay for $8300. It has been there a long time.
I had midnight blue DB tux made by Despos, our SF approved tailor. The lapels are black silk/satin. Hope that helps.
Been using Freshballs for about a month. Great product.
'studies have found that stock portfolios modeled on those of U.S. senators and representatives beat the market each year by a whopping 12 percentage points and 6 percentage points, respectively.' http://blogs.reuters.com/breakingviews/2011/11/14/insider-trading-another-reason-to-occupy-congress/
Quote: Originally Posted by kitonotik Just called the store and the phone has been disconnected. Anyone know if they have gone out of business? Just called and they answered. 312-654-2490
I have this jacket. You should keep it. Great price!
^^^^ What the Shoo Fairy said!
Purchased some ties from Pocketcircle. Excellent seller.
That's why God gave us two testes. He should be just fine with one.
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