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Quote: Originally Posted by khakijeans I took a look at these recently. The cut is slim straight. I have a 31" waist. For comparison, I usually buy 30/30 Levi's 501's or 29/30 Levi's 514 (slim straight). I tried on a 30/30. The waist was fine, so a bit of vanity sizing here. Legs reminded me of 514's, not too aggressive. However, the hips were a bit narrow, causing too much tightness across my crotch area. I think if these stretched like denim, they would...
Definitetly a nice outfit, I have nothing but praise from my experiences with them! Nice article.
good luck in whatever you decide in ... I'm a recent grad in Ohio, with student loans biting me in the ass. I would love to have the balls to quit and go find what I love.
alpha male is awesome male. lol.
fried tilapia and boiled potatoes ...
That second paper art example in post 188 is quite impressive ...
nice collection.
cold coffee at the drive thru! aaarrghh!
I have to second the ease of a steamer vs an iron. However, with the time trade off, you will not get crispy cuffs or creases with the steamer ...
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