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Hello, maybe you could provide me a good advice here. I bought new cherry DM 1490 a I managed to scratch them. This scratch is black and it looks weird on totally new boots. I have burgundy and oxblood kiwi polishes and I cannot mask the scratch at all, still fully visible regardless how mush I polish I use. Any advice? Thanks in advance!
Could anyone help me with DM sizing? Currently, I have steel-toe DM 1919 in size 11 - they fit when I had bought it but they stretched too much and now I have to wear two socks in them else it's uncomfortable. Now I want to buy new cherry 1490 and I cannot decide what size to choose. I tried size 10 in shop (size 11 was not available). I fit into it, but the seam between the flap and vamp pushed me - just too tight in this area. Length was ok. Does this 1490 size 10...
The guy in the front - braces over jumper (as there was discussion about this some time ago). And the braces are clipped in a weird way - almost above the jeans button.
I noticed that Combo in This is England movie is wearing some kind of scarf under his crombie: Just need to ask, how these silk scarves keep you in warm, e.g. in comparison to the lambswool/merino scarves?
Are there any photos of skinheads wearing them in old days? I'm just interested how does such scarf look with crombie etc. :-) Btw, what was the most common colour (cherry or black?) and number of eyelets on DMs back in the days?
9" leg opening looks to me really baggy, also it swings aroung ankles when worn with turn-ups. So no jeans fit like the guy on the left?
btw, Levi's still provides selvage denim although it's not Big E. 501: 505: 511: But I heard that they are more looser than classic models (e.g. 9" leg opening for 36W). Back in the days, did you prefer rather slim fit or more relaxed fit, or you just didn't care and you were satisfied with result of raw...
Also, did you wear hankie in your crombie? How did you fold it - two-point, three-point? Or it didn't matter?
I would wear them too if they were available in Europe. So I must be satisfied with overlock stitching on 501s. I don't buy any other Levi's models anymore, since they have completely different outseam and 501s outseam is at least a bit similar to selvage (from very long distance )).
I ordered 512s in size 36/32 one year ago and they were not tapered down to an ankle at all. They were very slim in thighs and then almost straight to the bottom - so I would say 512s = 505s with slimmer thighs (but I was expecting 505s with tapered leg opening). I had to put them away because they were too thight - if I remember correctly they were 11.5" in thigh and 8.25" in leg opening (for size 36/32).
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