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Pulled the trigger about a week ago on a pair of dark brown calf dbl monks. I have to say that the customer service was phenomenal! Speedy courteous replies and if the pics and purchase photos are anything to go by, superb value as well.
I'm a fairly....ok, very slim guy (6ft @ 61kg) so finding decently slim RTW trousers is a bit tricky (and by RTW i mean they'll probably only need a slight inseam adjustment). I made my first foray into Incotex territory not too long ago and even with an 8" cuff opening i felt it was too wide. I may need to bide my time and try to find an "Ultra Slim" pair online. Work is flexible enough that i can get away with the chino look, even though i prefer sometimes to wear a...
Interesting little video on the cordovan process for those curious http://vimeo.com/4814754
Quote: Originally Posted by Prince of Paisley Saw this for A$650 the other day... would be very tempted with a further discount but that would have inevitably meant another watch, which I don't need...... Mind letting us in on where you saw this beauty?
Quote: Originally Posted by CHECKstar Talking about shoes, I did some shoe shopping on Friday afternoon. I am having an ethical delimina over an issue that we have disussed here many times: buy off the net or pay a premium for local service. In this case, a pair of Loake boots that cost AUD300 on the net (including shipping) or locally for AUD500. I am all for local service, but I am having trouble paying an additional 66% just for the service. I am...
Where do you guys pick up your shoe trees? (assuming they don't come with the original footwear) Ordering from Cedarville/Woodlore is ok but if i could find somewhere with cheaper shipping it'd be great. Just a matter of lucky timing on eBay perhaps? I've had a look at the Nordstrom website and whilst purchase prices are better, shipping is still pricey plus i prefer the look of the woodlore products (brass knob rather than a plate) Sydney based by the way.
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