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Up for sale is a SCOTT & CHARTERS - Blue shawl collar lambswool cardigan jacket. Brand spankin new, never worn, still has tags. Extremely comfortable, looking to get what I paid Purchased from No Man Walks Alone http://www.nomanwalksalone.com/index.php/clothing/knitwear/blue-shawl-collar-lambswool-cardigan-jacket-2077.html Size L Length (CM / IN) 68 / 26.8 Chest (CM / IN) 121 / 47.6 Includes shipping in the US, every where else is extra.
That moleskin shirt jacket looks really nice. Do the measurements seem small in the chest as compared to the shoulder width?
Nice cardigan, who makes that?
Love these boots, been looking for them in a 43. Let me know how they fit size wise if you don't mind.
Nice, how'd you size them?
Sizing down should work, I had the same issue. Just wasn't crazy about the leather quality on those, didn't seem as nice as the multi lace. But definitely a great looking sneaker
I see what you're saying, thanks for the feedback. I'm 5'10" ~205-210lbs so sizing is an issue sometimes, I thought I may of had to size up to a 56 if anything.Not sure if the 52 would have been too snug in the shoulders, which is usually the problem for me.
Beautiful boot, just wish they were plain toe. Really like that lace and plain eyelets.
All black leather Balenciaga - not sure if they were posted already
Here's a pic of the blue one in a 54. I'm usually a 23" chest /18.5-19" shoulder in most everything. I would say the jacket is pretty generous when buttoned from the chest to the waist. i've worn a hooded zip up sweat shirt under it with no issues buttoning the jacket with pulling or tightness. It's on the shorter side, my only real issue (if any) is the pocket holes sit up pretty high.
New Posts  All Forums: