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Hope it fits
How warm/heavy is the Esemplare Dark green felted hood fishtail parka? Winter coat?
I would think you would want to, especially to protect from the salt at least. I use obenauf's on all my boots, but i'm sure there are other products out there.
Like what they did with the bball. Those camo soles are great
Very sharp, Stitch
The Super must have gotten a hold of a box I recycled, now it lines the elevator floor. .. Free advertising
Mosley Tribe Sunglasses Never worn, includes shipping to the US.
Black i'd be in for, but no captoe Also like the natural eyelet
LBM coat Theory hoodie Oni denim Shit photo
http://www.ebay.com/itm/COMMON-PROJECTS-SS13-WORKWEAR-SUEDE-NUBUCK-CHUKKA-SHOE-TAN-/130887633291Maybe that UK 10, not sure of UK sizing in CPs?
New Posts  All Forums: