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Quote: Originally Posted by GraphicNovelty ^Shoulders look a bit wide, though you'll probably get more constructive feedback from MC. Is you avatar of John Constantine?
price drop
Aldo Brue Loafer (45.5) 11.5 Made In Italy Box(not original)/ Bag Worn Once $50 + shipping. Allen Edmonds Jackson 11.5D No Box Worn multiple times $50 + shipping Shoe trees are not included. Thanks for looking.
Quote: Originally Posted by lemmywinks I need a laptop bag for my laptop. I am a person that is completely fine with using the bag that came with the laptop but the little handle thing of my laptop bag broke and now I'm looking for a replacement. I admire the Saddleback Leather and Filson bags but those are going to be overkill for me... I'm just a 17 year old high school teenager who carries his North Face backpack to school everyday. What are my...
Don't take a BMW to BMW for repairs. Find a good reputable shop who specializes in german cars
Quote: Originally Posted by mccvi +1 on Pearl. If you haven't had a Pearl lobster roll, you haven't lived. One of the greatest pleasures on the planet.
Ubunut 9 here
I usually walk around the block, or at one of the cigar clubs.
There were other options than Ellios? I just remember those and bagel bites
The Ribeye is usually the best cut of meat. Ask your server, they should be able to tell you.
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