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Left Field Whalls Magli
Left Field Whalls Magli
I would play it safe and go with a suit. Usually if they want to meet face to face they want to get a look at you to make sure they aren't sending someone to an interview who doesn't present well. You could probably get away with business causal, but i'm sure they appreciate the suit. Remember that they probably have several candidates they may send over and you want to stand out.
Those shoes aren't really meant to be worn with a suit. The square toe isn't necessarily a favorite around here, so most people are going to tell you to get rid of them (I would agree). It would look like you were driving a new car with shit wheels and tires. A brown shoe would look fine with that suit. I don't think the tie and shirt are terrible, but I don't wear many suits.
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Yuketen Alden Oak Street Magli Mantellassi
Price drop, willing to a make a deal for both. These jeans are practically brand new, get them for almost $100 off.
Ha, was just watching it now and happened to come across this thread. Pretty funny stuff, Comedy Central has a few episodes for free on-demand
Although its not as good as angry birds, Stupid Zombies on the driod is another game I've found addicting.
I like em, if you would have said they were quoddy's I think you would have gotten a different reaction.
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