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PM sent
any other pics?
pm'd you about these
booty drop
BNWT - Naked & Famous Skinny Guy Deep Indigo Selvedge 34" $110 These are low rise and very slim. Probably best suited for a true 33" waist or a small leg 34". Waist - 17" Thigh - 10.5" Opening - 7.5" Too slim for me otherwise i'd keep them details here - http://www.revolveclothing.com/DisplayProduct.jsp?code=NAKE-MJ19&c=Naked+%26+Famous+Denim&d=b Includes shipping for US Buyers. Intl we'll work out the shipping
Please delete, duplicate post
Added measurements for the BB in the first post.
Any measurements?
price drop
Any one have a pair of Common Projects Arctic Boots in a size 43 who needs a size 44 instead? I have a pair of 44s in like new condition that are slightly big, could use a 43.
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