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Two Band of Outsiders button shirts, one in overdyed green and the other a off white/beige. Green shirt gone, only beige left. The beige shirt is not an oxford, it is thinner and slimmer than the green shirt. Size large and in very good condition. Asking $50 each. P2P - 21" Shoulders - 18.5"
Any measurements?
open to trades also
Nice jacket ramp
price drop
Looking to get rid of these, make an offer
Those grey lanvin are fire
Picked these up from ssense http://www.ssense.com/men/product/kris_van_assche/leather_handle_elastic_sneakers/40404 Larger profile/wider sneaker, but i'm really liking these. shitty cellphone pics
They are basically these shoes, just in a color called ANTHRACITE.http://www.balenciaga.com/en_US/shop-products/accessories/men/shoes/sneakers_804456114.htmlPicked them up today in the nyc shop. They had them in navy, suede navy, a real light grey, brown and a few others that they don't show on the site.Here's a couple of pics next to a black pair of pants.
NeedSupply has some on sale also.
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