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Added measurements for the BB in the first post.
Any measurements?
price drop
Any one have a pair of Common Projects Arctic Boots in a size 43 who needs a size 44 instead? I have a pair of 44s in like new condition that are slightly big, could use a 43.
Added measurements
price drop
Up for sale is a Victorinox Down Parka in Forrest Green, Size XL. Here is a link to the jacket at Nordstroms, but in black http://shop.nordstrom.com/s/victorinox-swiss-army-hooded-down-parka-with-raccoon-fur-trim/3038991 I've had this jacket for a year. Lost some weight and it no longer fits otherwise I would definitely keep it. Its a beautiful jacket, very warm. Its in very good condition, no tears, rips or stains. Originally bought it for $550, selling for...
Whats the size of the leg opening?
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