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cool, will the measurement be posted on the site?
Sent a PM
Quote: Originally Posted by Alex Roest This Dutch brand of trainer/sneaker may interest you : http://www.fcquick.com/flash_content/flash_content.html where can you buy these shoes?
Great jacket Berlin, who makes it? what material?
Quote: Originally Posted by Shikar If you bought a cuban cigar in Mexico from ANY store but a La Casa del Habano, they are 99.99% likely fake. Please take a look over at www.lacasadelhabano.cu A There is your answer. http://www.cigarnexus.com/counsel/counterfeit/ is a good reference. Lots of places sell "cubans", but only La Casa Del Habano shops are safe bets. Even then they are more expensive than over the net.
Can you post the length of the jacket on the 44L? I doubt it will fit, but i have a 44R in this suit that fits well.
Great show. My favorite is the episode where Larry buys weed for his father and picks up a hooker so he can use the commuter lane to the dogers game.
Quote: Originally Posted by Duveen Not to be too much of a dissenter, but logos usually feature stylized, simplified images. The drawing has a LOT of detail (cross-hatching, etc) that may or may not translate well when shrunk down or blown up. One option would be to have it as more of a line drawing (run through photoshop and posterized/simplify outlines) so that it scales better. Also, a tall, vertical logo like that is not likely to be a great...
I think the problem is the shoes you are wearing. Stacking, imo, doesn't look very good with dress shoes. Maybe try a boot or sneaker.
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