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Notre x Viberg
Burnished Tan Calfskin Straight Tip Boot from Mack over at Brouge
Roy Snuff Suede from Context
Damn, probably too late, but pm sent anyway. Been looking for this exact makeup.
Early this summer at Brooklyn Botanic Gardens
Alt Wien refers to the style of the shoe, not the color.Here's an example below of Alt Wien in color #8 -Here is Alt Wien in Chromexcel leather
This is probably it, at the bottom -
Don't own anything on the Kenton last, but i'm the same size in the 2030 as the Barrie & Trubalance lasts - 10.5D
[[SPOILER]] What size did you go with?
I'm an 11D on the brannock, I take a 10.5 in the 2030 (also in the Alden Barrie). I would think the slippage you are feeling means the 11 is too big for your feet and would only get worse as they stretch. The 10.5 is probably what you would need and I would recommend trying that on first. Personally I couldn't imagine going down a full size on the 2030, I think generally a .5 size from the brannock is standard, but everyone's foot varies. I have 3 pairs in the 2030...
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