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Yea, could definitely come off as effeminate at that length is my fear. But we'll see, can always send it back.
Yes, both were from ssense. We'll see on the CPs, wanted to see them in person. Didn't mention anything about final sale, but I think I should be able to work them into the rotation.
For lotion I was using Kielh's, but switched to Anthony's after I needed something quick one day after I ran out. I'll probably switch back to Kielh's. I have a shaved head so I use it every day on my entire head and neck. Usually I apply twice a day as my skin is pretty oily and I have to wash it or use a cleansing wipe at some point during the day. I haven't shaved my face in I don't know how long, just usually trim it with beard trimmer on the first setting without...
Sorry for the delayed response, just saw these.Yes, they are Our Legacy pants. Fit like typcial OL, true to size (or maybe slightly slim).http://www.endclothing.com/brands/our-legacy/our-legacy-classic-trouser-189044.htmlThe other pants are GAETANO NAVARRA, picture doesn't really indicate it, but they are very very light weight. Actually turned out to be better than what I was expecting (which was a much heavier weight). Fit a little larger than...
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