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They are basically these shoes, just in a color called ANTHRACITE.http://www.balenciaga.com/en_US/shop-products/accessories/men/shoes/sneakers_804456114.htmlPicked them up today in the nyc shop. They had them in navy, suede navy, a real light grey, brown and a few others that they don't show on the site.Here's a couple of pics next to a black pair of pants.
NeedSupply has some on sale also.
Balenciaga, looks black in the pic but its more of a slate grey. Steven Alan Shirt APC Charcol Denim Pants, Rouge Territory Denim Trouser, Rouge Territory Ar-G Pant
The first pair of nikes with the black sole. And that balenciaga coat is dope, very clean and crisp. Which site did you see it on?
I like the light grey raf high top in the second pic.
She's also the daughter of the owner of the New York Giants.
Nice, how do you like those? Almost picked them up, went with these instead. http://www.ssense.com/men/product/kris_van_assche/leather_handle_elastic_sneakers/40404
Probably a long shot but looking for the CP Arctic Boot in ALL BLACK, size 43 (or could do a 44). Thanks.
Like those red MMM mids. The lavin's are awful, look like sketchers.
KVAs run big? So a 44 in CP would be a 43 in KVA?
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