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This jacket is a steal at this price, shocked it's still here.
I have the stars shirt, love it.
Open to trades or offers Originally $750 Price drop T-Race Size: Gent Case Material: Stainless Steel Water Resistance: 10 bar (100 m) Glass Material: Sapphire Crystal Dial Color: Black Dial Type: Index Bracelet Material: Rubber Bracelet Color: Red Movement Type: Quartz Chronograph Style # T048.417.27.051.01
please delete, duplicate post.
The measurements on the BiG website are pre-soaking. Above the measurements they mention - "Measurements are in inches and before washing: Approx. shrinkage with machine wash/dry: Waist -2", Inseam 2.5", Elsewhere -.5" The length is 31.5 AFTER soaking, so there shouldn't be anymore shrinkage in the length.
I hand wash my good stuff using Arm & Hammer with Oxi Clean http://www.amazon.com/Hammer-Oxi-Clean-Laundry-Detergent-4-43/dp/B004NGXM20/ref=pd_sbs_hpc_11
The heel slippage definitely lessens a great deal after they are worn in, I remember it being pretty annoying when i first started to wear them.I also remember them being very tight width wise, now they fit like a glove.Here are a few pics, i've had them a little over 3 months and wear them several times a week.
Purchased and altered from BiG - SOLD Samurai Jeans - 15oz Mid Rise Tapered Leg (Texas Cotton) S0500XX Still has Red Samurai Tab On Back Pocket Tagged 36x36, altered to inseam 31.5 - Paid $325 Blue In Green Link for measurements Soaked once, worn 3x. Excellent condition no fading, nice and slubby. SOLD Samurai Jeans - 15oz Low Rise Tapered Leg fit S0610LX-RR Tagged 36x36, altered to inseam 31.5 - Paid $315 Blue In Green Link for measurements Soaked once, worn once....
I guess it would then depend on who you would want to work with. Obviously it differs from company to company, but the product side is probably a "sexier" position in terms of more exposure to the business/clients and what ever perks and contacts may come with that. Or would you rather be in the background (in most cases) dealing more with technical decisions that probably won't be completely appreciated by those using the system. Unless you are working for a small tech...
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