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For sale a few pairs of jeans purchased and altered from BiG - Samurai Jeans - 15oz Low Rise Tapered Leg fit S0610LX-RR Tagged 36x36, altered to inseam 31.5 - Paid $315 Blue In Green Link for measurements Soaked once, worn once. Excellent condition no fading, nice and slubby. Asking $245 image uploading wordpress image upload image hosting service Samurai Jeans - 15oz Mid Rise Tapered Leg (Texas Cotton) S0500XX Still has Red Samurai Tab...
Quote: Originally Posted by CHRK33 Just to consolidate, per rkusmant's instructions, what I would propose for a boot: (let me know if I am missing something or if you have any suggestions for improvement) "Frans Boone Inspired Stow Boot" Tricker's Stow 2297 Last 5 (Medium) Fitting Color, Wheat Cavalier calf Binding, Natural Binding. Lining, Natural Calf Lining (open to a color option) Pull Tabs, Dark navy Pull Tabs. Eyelets, Brass...
Attachment 64837 First one of these, really enjoying it so far
Somet. Very clean looking raw denim. Picked up a pair recently at BiG. Would look fine with a blazer.
At least they managed to find some decent looking girls
I'm more of a function over form type person, so I'm not so much a fan of fashion as I am of well made things. Whether its a pair of jeans, shoes, a watch or a car, to me is more in the craftsmanship. I appreciate clothes that are constructed well and am willing to pay more for them.
I kinda like it, looks Bane's arrived in the city and he's seeking Batman from a distance.
booty drop
Geox makes a similar shoe in that price range
More drops
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