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I'll have to get back to you on that, away until thursday.
From my measurement, it looks like the sleeves are 26".
I'm a normal 54", and this fits. I have it in multiple styles and they fit well. Its around a 19" shoulder, 23" chest
SAINT LAURENT BLACK SLIM DENIM - Model D02. M/SK-LW Size 36, never shortened or altered. Worn several times, still in very good condition. No fading or stains. IMO the best fitting denim out there, very slim on the leg.
I'm a 10E in barrie and take a 43. I would think you would be a 45.
For a Schneider coat size 7, that is actually pretty small. The algae is a different cut than most of his coats, just won't fit everyone.
[[SPOILER]] Had these too Felt like the fabric piled too much, thought the quality wasn't great.
I'm usually a 7 in SS shirts and sweaters with no issue. 6 works well for me in the jackets.The 6 was very tight across the chest, arms were tight (but bearable), shoulders were actually ok. The size 7 I felt like I was swimming in.It's really a well made coat, the fabric is great. Sizing was just off for me, hope it works for you.
I tried that algae in 2 sizes, couldn't make it work. Too bad, really a great coat.
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