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This kills me about the site. I'd say about 50% of the offers i get and accept never go through. That and the interface/ux is pretty horrid.
Not sure if there will be a large burst, but the evaluations of some companies are ridiculous, what will happen is they should get more realistic. Technology is wagging the dog, each new idea or feature is a life changer must have.
[[SPOILER]] Been eyeing these for a while, these put me over the edge. Just placed the order.Was also looking at the plum, any good pics of them being worn?
Don't over think it, wear away. Great part about shell is they need very basic care
Love these dogs
Ann Demuelemeester Black leather boots Size 43 Very rare Originally purchase from Mr Porter for $1000+ Still in very good condition, leather is excellent quality. Comes with box and bags I wear 44 in common projects, 10.5D in alden barrie and these fit well. Should fit someone in that size range.
[[SPOILER]] I have the NS version, they're both color 8, should be the same shoe.
They are Indy boots from Alden of Carmel -http://www.alden-of-carmel.com/shoes-black-suede-indy-boot-459.htm
First wear
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