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Chromexcel goodies from Yenni @ B+M
Very clean!
[[SPOILER]] Good to hear, was pretty sure they were mis-marked. Enjoy!!
Those tan LWBs are great, very underrated, wear mine all the time.
Haha!!! Enjoy!
I'm comparing them to other 10.5D's on the barrie last, these are smaller than the 15+ pairs i own that are 10.5D. They should be marked as a 10D (on the barrie last), fitting someone who is a 10.5 on the brannock.
99.99999999% Honestly i'm pretty positive. From everything i've read, it's they are on the barrie last, these are a .5 size too small.
Put these Ravello Short Wings from Leather Soul up on ebay that were recently available here. They are marked as a 10.5D on the barrie last, but fit a little snug. Personally i think they are mis-marked and probably a 10D, in case any one here is interested.
The holy grail
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