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VALSTAR Navy Wool Tweed Valstarino Bomber Jacket - Size 54. Purchased last season from NMWA. Excellent condition. Includes shipping in the US
Yes, barena and cp. You can find that coat for a much better price, just not in that color and size, so when it popped up i pulled the trigger. I have it in one other color, one of the most comfortable items i own, hard to do it justice in pics. http://www.gentrynyc.com/collections/barena/products/coat-zorma-tv-1
Finally found this coat in my size
It's the right size, i'm sure you'll have plenty of suitors
Looking for this coat/color in size 54. http://www.gentrynyc.com/collections/barena/products/coat-zorma-tv-1
[[SPOILER]] They're really great sweaters, i bought both colors. They shed like mofos though.
I think penance might have sold a few of this bags with that post. Great looking bag, nice review.
Very nice, post a fit pic if you get a chance. [[SPOILER]]
Barena Pics don't do these justice
[[SPOILER]] Damn, these are amazing
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