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I've found they stretch width wise, usually tight on me out of the box. I wouldn't go longer.
The leather is great, ready to break them out tomorrow. Post up some pics here - http://www.styleforum.net/t/521971/whats-on-your-feet-streetwear-waywt-for-shoes
These just got delivered today, haven't had a pair of viberg in a while, really liking this last
Diemme Firenze in Brick
Post up what's on your feet, can be anything (sneakers, boots, any style...). Couldn't find a similar thread in SW&D. ALDEN BARTLETT INDY BOOT IN HUNTING GREEN SUEDE
[[SPOILER]] Great scarf, who makes it?
This kills me about the site. I'd say about 50% of the offers i get and accept never go through. That and the interface/ux is pretty horrid.
Not sure if there will be a large burst, but the evaluations of some companies are ridiculous, what will happen is they should get more realistic. Technology is wagging the dog, each new idea or feature is a life changer must have.
[[SPOILER]] Been eyeing these for a while, these put me over the edge. Just placed the order.Was also looking at the plum, any good pics of them being worn?
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