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I hear you, can't tell you how many jobs i didn't get. It is demoralizing at times. Keep at it, you'll find the right job for you. I think all the time about if i would have gotten one of those jobs i wouldn't be where i am now with the people I've started companies with, things happen for a reason. Let me know if you need resume help.
Just send them an email saying you want to be on the seconds list and for which size.
Walking NYC highline in aldens. Unionmade hunting green suedes
I've been looking at some Vibergs on the 2030 last, from what i've read it's your Barrie size.
New day, same pants, different shoes. Black shell LWB
Burnished Tan LWB
Unionmade / Alden black suede LWB
Yes, picked them up from NS
Maiden voyage
Thank you.
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